Monday, July 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

Just another couple of thoughts...

If "racial profiling" is so horrific that we must not even do it when the race or ethnicity of the enemy is as obvious as is the Islamic terrorists and the stakes are the very survival of the nation but the Democrats INSIST that we MUST racially profile when it comes to "affirmative action"?

(The answer, btw, is that it has nothing to do with racial profiling and everything to do with Democrats supporting any and all policies that undermine America. Protecting the terrorists helps the terrorists to win and affirmative action keeps American businesses from having the best pool of applicants with which to compete in the global economy.)


Democrats remind me of a corrupt boxing referee. They know "their" guy is head-butting, and gouging at the eyes of his opponent, they know he is biting off the ears and kneeing him in the crotch. They even know he has a razor in his boxing glove and yet he will not call a single infraction against "his" guy. But as soon as his guy's opponent hits anywhere near the belt the referee tries to stop the fight for the "most horrible infraction of the rules in boxing history!!!"

This is the Democrat. He knows that the Islamic, fascist terrorists are committing the most horrific of evils -- hacking off people's heads, bombing innocent civilians, etc. And yet they'll never say a harsh word against them. But let an American even approach the line and leave the air conditioning off in the interrogation cells of "their guys" (the terrorists) and Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean and Joe Biden all scream bloody murder and try to get America to forfeit the fight by closing down Guantanamo Bay.

Yes, the Democrats are like corrupt referees doing everything in their power to help "their guys" -- the terrorists -- win.

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