Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ode To The Odious (Al Franken, Joe Wilson and the "Lying Liars" of the Left

Okay. Here's what I know about the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson story.

Joe Wilson is a Democratic Party hack who has been debunked by the 9/11 commission (featuring such lefties as Richard Ben Viniste) and the Lord Butler Report -- a similar extensive investigation by England's most highly respected overseer.

In fact "those sixteen words" the the Democrats tried to use to prove it is George Bush who is a liar and Saddam Hussein who is a wonderful statesman are, even to the moronic (read: Democrats) undeniably true.

Bush said in his State of the Union address that British intelligence believed there is evidence that Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium in Africa. Not only is this absolutely true -- British intelligence did then -- and after extensive review, does still --- believe it but the President went out of his way not to be a Clintonian liar.

The President easily could have said that "intelligence sources" now believe... and given his argument greater power by implying that those sources were the CIA and the FBI. Instead he made it abundantly clear that the CIA and FBI could not or did not confirm the beliefs of the fabulous MI-6 -- home of the legendary James Bond. Bush could have pulled a Clinton if caught and said "well I never SAID the CIA." He didn't.

So the greatest "lie" of the Republican was an out and out truth -- one the President went out of his way to be clear about. Such is the way the liars of the left.

Meanwhile to help "prove" that the truth was a lie the liars sent a liar to lie about Africa. All the better to help a liar named John Kerry -- so much a liar that 254 American heroes from across the political spectrum risked their names and reputations to -- for the first time ever -- offer first hand, eye witness testimony so that the American people would know the truth about a man who began his career by lying about his band of brothers.

So Joe Wilson, the only person specifically identified as a liar by the bipartisan 9/11 commission was sent not by the Vice President as the liar lyingly lied but on the pressure of his wife at the CIA. Wilson then came home, wrote an article for the New York Times (home of the liars Howell Raines and Jayson Blair) in which he lied.

While the liar was lying in an outlet run by liars to the attempted benefit of a liar, Karl Rove told the truth. For when the writer from Newsweek (home of the bogus Koran story recently) asked Rove about the liar Rove told the truth and said he was lying.

Since the investigation -- of which Rove isn't even a target -- Rove has been utterly above board. He quickly singed a waiver granting anyone and everyone he talked with to turn over the notes from the conversations when Rove told the truth about the liar and, in fact, he signed the waiver written by the prosecutor without a single change.

Meanwhile, the liars in the leftist media have already convicted Rove and, as if in lockstep with the Democrats (because they are), are portraying Plame as an undercover agent when this is far from established, Rove as the "leak" even though no leak has been establish and despite the fact that the prosecutor himself says that even IF a crime was committed Rove is not the target of the investigation.

Meanwhile Judith Miller -- an employee of the liars at the New York Times -- languishes in jail because she refuses to identify HER sources which simply couldn't be Rove because Rove gave her (and everyone else) permission to talk about him.

So the Democrats are demanding that Rove be "frog marched" out of the White House in handcuffs for something they don't know is even a crime and don't know who committed it if it was knowing only that the person who knows best says it ain't Rove and Rove himself, unlike his accusers, has been completely honest and above board the whole time.


Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from the story is sex! Could it be that Judith Wilson is sitting in jail singing, Prisoner of Love? Rawriter

Evan Sayet said...

I suspect Judith Miller is willing to go to jail because he source was a Democrat. Clearly it wasn't Rove because Rove gave her permission to give up his name and testify about everything he said.

I suspect a Democrat leaked it knowing that -- so long as the source was never revealed -- the leftist press would attack Rove without any evidence.

This is a case where the liars are hoping the can lie their way to power because they can't get their through their policies since few Americans subscribe to their socialist/communist agenda.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrits you guys are! If you had just half an open mind you could see the truth. Enjoy the results that your wonderful world dominating leaders are going to dump on us. You'll have to eat crow then.

Evan Sayet said...

Those who are following this take note of the difference between the aritcle I wrote in which I laid out the evidence, backed my conclusions with logic, etc. and the anonymous response. Mindless, factless, not even an attempt at logic.

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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