Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why The World Supposedly Hates Us

There is an old "joke" about a man who murders his parents and then pleads with the judge for leniency because he's an orphan. I think of this every time I hear a Democrat ask why the world so hates us.

Could it be because, in places where people will never actually meet an American they can hear Bruce Springsteen, the Kerry flack, testifying over and over again that being "Born in the USA" is a horrible fate where people kick you when you're down and where you "end up like a dog that's been beat too much"?

Could it be because, in places where the only American they'll ever see are in Hollywood movies the leftists on the left coast make virtually every villain an American, an American corporation or an American government agency?

Could it be because when Michael Moore makes a movie that the Democrats know to be a lie-filled, anti-American propaganda flick but those in other places might not the Democratic Party leadership gives the anti-American liar a standing ovation, he is given a seat of honor at the Democrats' convention and in other ways say to the rest of the world "yep, this is an accurate portrayal of the world: Saddam created an "Islamic Paradise" and, once again, evil Americans destroyed it!

Could it be that in countries where only al Jazeera and CNN are broadcast the only Americans they see are Democrats Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy mindlessly slandering Americans and insisting that American servicemen are like the Nazis while leftist hosts like Wolf Blitzer and Aaron Brown spin every story in the most hateful, anti-American way they can imagine?

Could it be because when people who were raised in closed societies where blood libels against the infidels are the norm -- and their indoctrination into this cult of hatred so assured that they can be "trusted" to go abroad to learn how to make bombs in chemistry classes in North Carolina and Colorado -- the Liberal American teachers tell them (and the rest of their class) that their hatred is justified and that the terrorists are doing the world a favor by burning alive three thousand "little Eichmans" in the World Trade Center?

Could it be because when the leftists at the New York Times come across a story of a couple of night guards at a prison for suspected terrorists who put panties on their enemies' heads they run the story on their front page -- as if it were the second coming of the Holocaust -- for 44 straight days while a serach of the Times' website turns up not even a mention of the heroic soldier who fought off an ambush, wounded the attempted killer and then provided him with emergency medical care.

Ask yourself, Democrat, who feigns being dumbfounded at the hatred the world supposedly has for us, how much less would the world hate us if you stopped your anti-American lies, slanders and attacks? How much less would the world hate us if you stood up for America instead of lying to tear it down?

Ask yourself Bruce Springsteen, how many fewer people would want to massacre Americans if you sang about how being born in the USA meant you could go from being a bus driver's son to the rich and pampered multimillionaire father of a steeple chase champion all through hard work and a good song?

How about if instead of lauding the communists of Cuba Robert Redford showed some gratitude to the nation that not only allows him to spew his moronic positions but to get filthy rich in doing so.

Ask yourself, Al Gore, how much less the world might hate us if, in some of your speeches, you called Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat or Kim Jung Il "Nazi Brown Shirts" rather than your fellow Americans.

Ask yourself, Howard Dean, how much less the world would hate us if the very head of one of America's national parties, "reserved judgment" on the Americans you viciously and lyingly slander rather than only "reserving judgment" (your words) on Osama Bin Ladin.

Ask yourself at the New York Times (and the handful of people who still read it) how much less would the world hate us if, instead of running the Abu Gharaib story for 44 straight days you ran it for only 40 straight days and with the extra space mentioned, even once, that over 96 percent of the children in Iraq now have been inoculated against the most dreaded diseases in the world or that 4.3 million children Iraqi children are now enrolled in primary schools.

The problem isn't that Democrats say bad things about America. It's that they never say anything good. It's that their attacks on America are typically outright lies (Springsteen was born in a cute little New Jersey town and ended up far from being like a dog that's been beat too much and their lies aid and abet the enemy. Ask yourself, Americans, you've heard Howard Dean and Al Gore, you've seen Dick Durbin call your fathers and brothers and sons and daughters in the military "Nazis", you know that Ward Churchill teaches your children that the victims of 9/11 were all "Little Eichmans..." but when was the last time you heard a Democrat say ANYTHING good about America?

Yes, the Democrats are just like the man who murders his parents and then demands leniency because he's an orphan. They lie, slander and attack America at every turn and the "wonder" why the rest of the world hates us.


EPorvaznik said...

Nice Springsteen plug. You a fan or something?

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if these Hollywodd lefties would have even survived or made a living in the countries other than the US. They all seem to forget what side their bread is buttered on so to speak. Right on Evan....