Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rove, Scandal and Why Democrats Attack

As if in lockstep (because they are) the leftist media and the looney Democrats are demanding that the President first pillory and then fire Karl Rove.

But the Special Prosecutor says Rove is not a target of his investigation and the media's own lawyers -- detailed beautifully by the always solid Neal Bortz -- have made a powerful case in their "friend of the court" briefings that no crime has even been committed.

So Rove isn't a target of a crime the media itself admits wasn't committed and yet the leftists are screaming and yelling and engaging in the kind of slander they usually reserve for American soldiers even as Howard Dean presumably is still "reserving judgment" on Osama Bin Ladin.

You see the Democrats can't wait for a crime to be committed -- nor to find out who might actually have done it -- because this administration has been so stunningly above board and so stunning honest (probably because the President is a Christian and because his policies are predicated on doing what is good and right for the country not on trying to seduce -- or rape -- women) that the Democrats have to invent scandals such as the one at Abu Gharaib or by simply vomiting out the word "Enron" repeatedly, even though it was during the Clinton years that Enron committed their crimes and in the Bush years they were investigated, prosecuted and convicted.

And scandal, as Victor Davis Hanson recently pointed out, is the Democrats ONLY hope as they recognize they have nothing positive to offer the American people. Does anyone know their policy regarding Iraq? Terrorism? Social Security? Education? Crime? Drugs or Illegal Immigration? Does anyone know the Democrats' position on ANYTHING???

The Democrats offer no positions not because they don't have them -- they do. It's called "socialism" and the American people reject it. The problem is, though, if the Democrats put forth reasonable policy based on capitalism, freedom and the American way they will lose the support of the people who now control their party -- radical socialists and communists who have no need whatsoever for a "reasonable" Democrat.

These are people like the billionaire George Soros and the American hater Michael Moore and the insane Howard "Yee-ha" Dean to whom the likes of Joe Lieberman or Dick Gephardt or anyone who isn't a radical leftist ready to implement their socialist takeover is little different than a Republican.

Thus if the Democrat puts forth policy that is reasonable he loses in the primaries where Soros' money, Michael Moore and the rest of Hollywood's power and influence and Howard Dean's insider manipulations hold all the cards. If they put forth policy that satisfies that radical socialists, though, they lose in the general election where people who love America but might have reasonable policy disagreements make the difference.

This leaves the Democrat with no other alternative but to seek election and reelection simply by working to undermine America's prosperity so they can claim it's the Republican's fault, undermine our war against Islamic terror in the hopes we'll be bombed again and they can say "see" and invent scandals to drive down the "positives" of the other side because they have no way of driving up their own.

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