Friday, July 22, 2005

Feminists Whining Like Little Girls

To the thinking person the Democrats have become nothing short of laughable. Their arguments border on the moronic and more and more one can understand why their beloved "uncle" Josef Stalin called his "nephews" idiots.

Consider the mutually exclusive nature of so many of their arguments.

George Bush is to be hated because he "had no plan for post-war Iraq" while concurrently he is to be hated because not only did he have a plan for post-war Iraq but he supposedly had it prior to 9/11.

George Bush is to be hatred because he is a godless anti-Christ willing to send thousands of young men and women to their death in order to make Haliburton richer while, at the same time, he is to be hated because he is too religious and seeks God's counsel before taking action.

They argue that the cross must not be seen in any public venue anywhere at any time -- except when it is drenched in urine and covered with animal feces and then it should be in a public museum and funded by the taxpayer.

This all comes to mind with the whining I'm hearing from some that the President picked the best person for the job of associate on the Supreme Court. These feminists are whining like, well, little girls, because it hurts "diversity." But aren't the feminists the same ones whose entire philosophy is predicated on the notion that there is no difference between men and women?

Democrats take mutually exclusive positions -- in fact are all over the map at all times -- because there is nothing they believe in. They are not rooted to the truth the way Republicans are and thus anything they say or do -- no matter how asinine and no matter how clearly lies -- in fact no matter how criminal (e.g. Howard Dean, Michael Moore and Sandy Berger) is perfectly acceptable to them -- even worthy of reward.

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