Friday, July 22, 2005

The Answers To Everything (Except Combination to Safe)

The answers to everything:

The basic differences between the Democrat and the Republican are:

1) The Republican believes that America is uniquely great and the world becomes a better, healthier, more prosperous and more peaceful place the more the world embraces our values such as freedom and democracy. The Democrat believes America is a uniquely evil place and that the world becomes a better, healthier, more prosperous and more peaceful place the more America embraces the values of the rest of the world such as tribal warfare and religious hatreds.

2) The Democrats believe that success is a "zero-sum" game where the success of one must come at the expense of another. For this reason they try to undermine success (taking the "merit" out of the merit scholarship awards for example) at every turn. The Republican believes that "all ships rise with the tide" and thus encourage success to the greatest extent amongst the greatest number of people.

2a) This is another reason that the Democrat hates America and the Republicans love it. Democrats believe that America's unprecedented economic success must come from exploiting those who have failed. Thus their efforts are always on behalf of the most failed (Communism, Islamic Fascism, etc) and always against the most successful (America, Israel). Republicans recognize that America's unprecedented success has created virtually everything that makes the world a better place from the lightbulb to the medicines that cure horrific third-world diseases to the internet that gives the little kid in Istanbul the chance to make his dreams come true and thus appreciates her greatness that much more.

3) Republicans (and all rational people) believe in the "carrot and stick" approach to policy where good is rewarded and bad is punished (if only by the withholding of the reward) be it at home or in international affairs while the Democrat believes in the Orwellian "stick and carrot" approach where bad is rewarded at the expense of the good. This "stick and carrot" approach is behind the Democrats rewarding children who fail the sixth grade with a promotion to the seventh, their building of luxury apartment complexes for the homeless, their incessant efforts to appease terrorists around the globe, their demands that those who fail to live up to the Geneva Convention contracts in any way be rewarded with the full benefits of that agreement, etc.

4) Democrats "imagine" a world in which "all the people live for today." Republicans believe in a world where you build for a better tomorrow.

5) Democrats believe "if it feels good, do it" while Republicans believe "if it IS good, do it." Democrats believe in "self-esteem" while Republicans believe in doing estimable things.

6) Democrats believe that religion is the antithesis of science. Republicans believe that science devoid of ethics and morality is the antithesis of humanity.

7) Democrats believe in being "politically correct." Republicans believe in being factually correct.

8) Democrats believe "the people" are stupid, bigoted and not to be trusted with their own money or the power of the vote preferring elitist centralized government rule and judicial fiat.
Republicans believe that the government is not to be trusted with power and money believing -- as did our Founding Fathers -- in the intelligence of the people.

(Proof positive to the Democrat that the people are stupid, racist and not to be trusted is that they are so gullible as to believe in God and to think that America is a great nation worthy of respect and tribute.)

9) Republicans believe that things like rape, torture and massacre are wrong wherever they occur. Democrats believe them only to be wrong in the Western World but to be quaint, little cultural idiosyncrasies to be preserved amongst the Arab and Moslem world as a means of "respecting their culture." Efforts to end rape, torture and terror outside the Western World is seen by the Democrat as "cultural genocide" and those who try to stop it on par with HITLER!!!

10) Republicans are grownups who live in the real world and seek to make things better through real solutions. Democrats are children who whine "it's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair" and then seek childish solutions without any thought as to their consequences.


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