Friday, July 22, 2005

Democrats and Islam

Just how blind do you have to be to be a Democrat? Let's take a look at what we know.

The Koran demands that Moslems kill all "infidels" and "apostates."

The leaders of the Islam are either publicly exhorting their "flock" on to acts of murder in the name of Islam and Allah or keeping completely silent about the killings.

Moslems are murdering "infidels" in India, Russia, Israel, Sweden, England, Egypt the Sudan, the Philippines, Iraq and literally scores of other places around the globe.

These "infidels" are not just the "filthy Jews" or the "Crusaders" (I don't remember going on a crusade, lately, do you?) but literally every religion on the planet other than Islamic and even Moslems if they are either "apostates" or just happen to trip on a curb and have their ankles come exposed.

So what does the Democrat conclude when the people who have declared their intentions, who hold up their holy book as proof and murder infidels of all stripes all over the world? It must be America's fault.

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