Monday, May 23, 2005

Old Media Wrong As Wrong Can Be (Again)

In a recent post ("Why The Old Media Gets Every Story Wrong") I made mention of the lefts' attempts to undermine international support for the liberation of Iraq by "threatening" foreign leaders with political doom if they dared to join the coalition of the willing.

I pointed out that, once again, the Old Media were as wrong as wrong could be with the three greatest supporters of freedom, President Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard of Australia all winning reelection.

Now comes word that the two Western villains of the Iraq war Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac are the ones facing political extinction.

In the wake of devastating local elections, Schroeder is attempting some political chicanery, calling for early elections (which lawyers will have to find some justification for under German "law") and Chirac's dream of an anti-American European Union seems likely to come to a whimpering end (whimpering describing a great deal of French history) when even the French are proving unwilling to support their corrupt leader's schemes.

just as with the Old Media's claims that America was in a "Vietnam-like quagmire" as our troops entered Baghdad in historic time and that the streets of Iraq were "too chaotic" to allow for elections only moments before Iraqis took to the streets in numbers (percentage) higher than even Americans in our most recent election, the Old Media were not just wrong about who the people would support but, as always, one hundred and eighty degrees from the truth.

And, once again, the stories from the homes of Dan Rather and Jayson Blair, Howell Raines and Eason Jordan, Michael Isikoff and Wolf Blitzer were not just as wrong as wrong could be but wrong in support of whatever is anti-American.


GNN Staff Writer said...

Wow, nice promo on Rush today. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


If you're the same dude who did stand-up at the Suffern, NY Holiday Inn Holidome in 1988 or so, you've made some great progress.

You got heckled pretty mercilessly if I remember and you dealt with it - now you're setting yourself up to get heckled by the loudest and cruellest bunch we've got.

Good for you.



LWJ said...

Mr. Sayet,
Your piece on how the media portrays Republicans as liars is spot on.

I believe we must first defend this great nation. Your comment about ceding our sovereignty to the UN or France or Germany because we are bad and the rest of the world is good really hits the nail on the head regarding the beliefs of the leftists. I don't see how the "One World" pacifist humanists can ignore the ultimate outcome if their wishes came true: Tyranny and corruption would rule. Our freedoms would go down the tubes, but as you point out in the piece about the Balkans, these people don't really care about freedom.

J. Silverstein said...

Why is it that the media is always wrong when Conservative policies are criticized? It's always the "Liberal" media and they're always lying to the people. The Liberals are the problem. That's the Conservative mantra. It's become laughable. You Conservatives are as foolish as the Liberals, and that's going some. Why do you give the Liberals so much credit? Here's why:

It's an easy EXCUSE.

Truth is, the Democrats have their own incomptenence as a reason for their never-ending failures, but the Republicans can't get off their high-horse and admit that a lot of what's going wrong is their own doing. It's a Republican administration, a Republican congress, but it's the Liberals' fault? The Bush Administration doesn't care about party loyalty; they care about the money this war is making them (Don't deny it) and your support in the name of Republican loyalty is the perfect smokescreen. Why aren't you asking about the alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction? You won't say it but I'll point out that Iraq has proven no more of a threat to America than Bosnia was. The government has expanded by more than 12% since Bush took over the White House (If Bush was a Democrat you'd never be looking away from that fact so easily). And what about the deficit? Where has all the money gone since Bush has been in office? What about the fact that gas and oil prices started skyrocketing as soon as the contract to rebuild the Iraqi oil fields was taken off the bidding market and handed to Haliburton, Dick Cheney's company? Aren't these things even a LITTLE suspicious to you? These aren't some dopey leftist conspiracy theories I'm making up, these are the cold, hard FACTS. Instead of scoffing and shrugging it off as Conservatives are wont to do, try looking up those facts if you have the courage. Are you going to keep yourselves in denial in the name of party unity? What are you afraid of, the Liberals? They don't have the ability to do half the things you say, if that much. Or are you afraid of being called Un-American and having some ultra-conservative rape you of your 1st ammendment rights by taking down this Web site? That's one of the spinoff effects this administration has spawned: Censorship. Criticize the president or the government and you will be punished. Look at what happened with the Dixie Chicks. I know their words are hardly royalty, but the reaction to what they said bordered on Fascism, and I find that most troubling.
You all know that the war has gone wrong, very wrong, and for all the wrong reasons. You all know that the economy is not right, and you all know that Bush's federal policies are going to bankrupt the government, just like he bankrupted the Texas treasury department when he was governor.
Deny any of this if you dare, but you'll only label yourselves as foolish blind followers.
Blaming the Liberals is an EXCUSE.

Evan Sayet said...


I am that dude, I probably WAS heckled without mercy and became a stronger man for it. If you'd like to tell me who you are beyond just "Paul" feel free to e-mail me at

Evan Sayet said...

No, J. nobody said they're only wrong when they criticize Republicans. It's because they got the STORY wrong.

No matter what you say there actually WERE elections in Iraq weren't there? And wasn't the leftist media reporting the whole time that Iraq was so "chaotic" that there couldn't possibly be elections? See being WRONG is what makes them wrong.