Sunday, May 22, 2005

Crow and Bull

Allow me to crow just a little. An article of mine from this blog was recently picked up by two outstanding conservative webzines...The Rant ( and ChronWatch (

Please check out these sites as both are crammed full of interesting and important works and deserve your attention.


In the piece that was picked up (headlined "Lies? Only When Republicans Tell them, Right?" in ChronWatch and "Why Democrats Lie" in The Rant) I wrote...

"Believing in nothing but self doesn't just mean rejecting the obvious higher callings of God, freedom, family and country, but even the smaller things that good people once respected and honored are rejected by today's Democrats.

In times past, a journalist might have had the same ideological bent as a Dan Rather, but his respect for his profession – what they used to call "journalistic integrity" – kept him from being an out and out liar. In the old days, Hollywood's love for the movies compelled them to award the best picture Oscar to what was really the best picture. Today, without regard to the quality of the film, the award is given to any movie that advances the leftists' agenda...

..In another age, a museum curator placed beauty ahead of personal ideology and thus filled the halls of great museums with exceptional works based on their aesthetic value. Today's "artist" doesn't believe in beauty and thus seeks only to advance their anti-God agenda by filling the space with crosses drenched in urine and pictures of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung."

As if to prove me right, only days after I'd originally posted my article here the disgraced liars at CBS News, Dan Rather and Marla Mapes, were given the Peabody Award for outstanding journalism. Facts, truth, honesty and decency are meaningless to the left. Rather and Mapes hurt America with both the Abu Gharaib story and the forged documents meant to tear down America's Commander-in-Chief and that's what they were honored for by the Old Media establishment.



Charles said...

Dear Mr. Sayet,

I just read your piece on Democrat lies after finding a link to it on Rush's website. I was particularly interested when you mentioned Al Franken saying in court that he should not be held to be a libeler as his book was a parody. I was wondering what yoru source was for that, because I would love to be able to quote it. (I am one of the very, very few admitted conservatives at my law school.) If you can, please email me at (obviously I didn't want to put in the '@' to avoid triggering spider-program-spam).

Thank you again,

LWJ said...

Mr. Sayet,
Very well-said. I wish the mainstream media would call the liberals to task by asking them to comment on these truths.

GNN Staff Writer said...

So crow already... you deserve it.

J. Silverstein said...

The leftist media always lies...They're trying to tear down the president...They're anti-God...They're un-American...

What is this, the '50s? It sounds like McCarthy-style propaganda all over again. You point out that the Left is arrogant enough to insinuate that anybody that disagrees with them is stupid. You're absolutely right, no argument there. However, by the same token, declaring that the Liberals ALWAYS lie and get EVERY story wrong, is just as arrogant and therefore, hypocritical. Hell, it's almost to where you seem to regard the Liberals as a higher political power. For crying out loud, it's the LIBERALS, not the Soviet Union. I refuse to believe that everybody is dumb enough to think that the Liberals, with their proven failures and apathy, and in the midts of a Republican president and a Republican congress, have that much clout. The problem is that political supporters on both sides are in such denial about their respective parties shortcomings that they wind up spitting out this childish diatribe. Any Republican or Democrat who really believes that they are always right and everyone else is always wrong will never grow and learn by their own party's lies and mistakes. And both sides are guilty as sin. It's time to question your so-called leaders and demand they prove that they the COMMON GOOD is really in their best interests. They can't, because they don't.
If you don't believe it, make this important mental note: Whether Republican or Democrat, in the end all those so-called "public servants" in Washington are - above all else - POLITICIANS.

Anonymous said...

What a nutcase you are! Are you on meds. What happened to the other comments? Like the one suggesting that you were a puppet?