Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Republicans the Pro-Choice Party

At the risk of losing my conservative bona fides I must admit that I am pro-choice. As much as I abhor abortion, I simply have too hard a time accepting laws that say in effect "hi, I'm from the government and I'm going to stick my hand in your wife's body and hold a baby there against her will for nine months."

Being pro-choice, however, I find myself yet again closer to the Republican position than that of the Democrats who rather than really being "pro-choice" are fervently pro-death. Although some Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton, have of late learned to mouth the phrase "safe...but rare..." their actual policies have not changed very much over the years and remain the antithesis of real choice.

That is, Democratic party policy is designed not to offer factual and honest information so that women can make an informed choice about this most difficult of issues, but rather it is intended to deny information, provide manipulated statistics and to portray any questioning of their unbridled, pro-death policies as "extremist."

Rejecting the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling and returning to the states the opportunity to decide for themselves the people's position on this difficult issue is far more about real choice than is the Democrats' lies (of commission and omission) designed to coerce the uninformed -- especially young girls -- into having a medical procedure performed upon them that is often disastrous for the patient herself but of great value to Democratic party constituencies.

The notion that the pro-death leftists sell -- that abortion is fast, easy, painless and devoid of risk or cost -- is a lie and, as real choice demands real truths, these lies make impossible the Democrats' claim to being pro-choice.

While the Republican positions may mean some people have to travel a few extra miles or (gasp) take an extra day to think about the effects of killing a nascent human life, the position of the Democratic Party is to quickly kill, have someone else pay for the killing and even sell a couple of trinkets from Planned Parenthood's gift shop on the way out the door.

The Democrats are so pro-abortion, in fact, that one of the "gifts" at the Planned Parenthood gift shop was a t-shirt that proudly proclaimed "I Had An Abortion" -- a selling tool as surely designed to promote abortions as John Deere hats are intended to increase tractor sales. The notion that one celebrates an abortion with a t-shirt, as if the medical procedure is a night to remember akin to a Rolling Stones concert, speaks to the depth of sickness behind the Democratic Party's policies and their true, pro-death, agenda.

Real choice requires advocates for the people -- doctors, parents and other caring adults -- who provide access to all of the information, not just agenda-driven partisans providing only that which will encourage the "sale" of their desired, and deadly, outcome.

Abortions are not painless. They clearly cause damage-- and now we know great pain and suffering -- to the human growing within the woman. They also often condemn the woman to a lifetime of regret and deep psychological pain.

Yet none of these truths are a part of pro-abortion programs in our schools or a standard portion of the pre-operation dialogue between the often young, sometimes confused and typically scared, patient and the abortionist.

This denial of truthful information is particularly telling in an era where doctors are required to discuss in detail the ramifications of virtually all medical procedures and pharmaceutical companies are forced to announce every single possible side effect -- including runny nose and dry throat -- of a cold pill in their TV commercials.

The Democrats' desire (as repeated yet again by the party's most recent standard bearer, John Kerry) to sever the parent/child relationship is meant to prevent the young woman from receiving the total picture regarding the effects of snuffing out a nascent life.

In the Democrats' plan parents (who cannot be counted on to be pro-abortion) are cut out of the equation ensuring that the only guidance young teens will receive before having a medical procedure performed on them comes from the leftist "educators" in the schools and the abortionists themselves -- neither very likely to offer information that goes against their own political agendas and selfish motivations.

Telling, again, is that here in California, the leftists argue that twelve year old children are mature enough to decide if they want a medical procedure with lifelong consequences performed on them without so much as a conversation with their parents but 17 year olds aren't mature enough to decide what kind of soft drink they'll have with their lunches.

One might fairly wonder why Democrats (or anyone else, other than Nazis and the Communists in China) would be pro-abortion. The answer lies in the fact that the Democratic party is a party that believes in nothing bigger than self. Whereas the Republican party remains unified even in the face of minor policy disagreements because the larger issues of God, country and family take precedence over any self-serving agendas, the Democrats are a coalition of special interest groups kept "loyal" only by the leadership's kowtowing to their every demand.

Further, because the leadership and activists within these special interest groups tend to be the most extreme, the Democratic party politician is forced to satisfy the most extreme demands of every one of their constituencies or face defeat at the polls.

Included amongst these Democratic party special interest groups are several that consider a pregnant woman to be the ultimate debunkment of their philosophies. It is vital to the continued viability of their efforts that pregnancy be ended as quickly and as often as possible.

These groups are highlighted by the radical feminists, whose attempts to convince the world that there is no difference between a man and a woman, sees a pregnant woman as a walking "billboard" to the lunacy of their claims. Similarly the radical homosexual movement which seeks to sell the concept that there is no difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality sees the product of the union of man and woman -- something they cannot recreate themselves -- as a challenge to the very basis of their claims.

In order to satisfy these needed constituencies, and given that these groups have no reason whatsoever to support Democrats without being satisfied on these issues Democratic politicians -- even the "moderate" ones -- need to sign on to the most radical of demands from these groups.

All the while the Democratic politician is forced to attempt to portray their support for the radical, pro-death positions as "reasonable" by attempting to portray any questioning of even the most outrageous of leftist abortion policies (partial birth abortion, the severing of the parent/child relationship, etc.) as the acts of "extremists."

Yes, I am (reluctantly) pro-choice. And because I am I have one more reason to be a Republican. Although there are legitimate disagreements within the Republican party about abortion there can be no disagreement that the Democrats do not offer choice but rather seek to undermine it in favor of their a pro-abortion agendas.


Anonymous said...

The 3-D ultrasound solves the abortion debate.

BTW: Cross your legs is an option that works everytime.

Dick said...

A brilliant column. I have always felt this way, I just never saw it expressed so eloquently in writing. Thanks- Dick McDonald, Chatsworth, CA

Roy Coble said...

Miss Hillary references her desire to see abortions as "safe...but rare."

Through the U. S. Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade, abortion is now a Constitutional right.

Why would anyone want a Constitutional right to be rare?

GNN Staff Writer said...

Thanks for an intelligent and informative post.

Anonymous said...

Great opinion however, I have to point out that since 1973 males have absolutely no rights nor legitimate opinions with regard to reproductive issues.

Males rights to reproductive issues were effectively castrated when, in 1973, judges in black robes deem males (and your sperm) irrelevant.

In other words, male opinion on abortion is ipso facto, by the law, legally and constitutionally worthless.

Who ever thought that we females don't rule the world?

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