Friday, June 24, 2005

Victor and Me

When you're starting out in an industry and one of the biggies -- one of your heroes -- says what you've been saying for a while you gotta crow just a little.

Victor Davis Hanson -- June 24, 2005

(Explaining the mindset of the Democrats and the failure to understand the importance of victory in Iraq):

"First is the strange doctrine of multiculturalism that has become one of our most dominant boutique ideologies of the last few decades...(where) ..(A)ll cultures are of equal merit; failure and poverty abroad are never due to indigenous pathology but rather Western colonialism, racism, Christianity, and gender bias. The Other is never to be judged by our own "biased" standards of jurisprudence and "constructed" bourgeois notions of humanity; those poorer, darker, non-Christian, and non-English-speaking are to be collectively grouped as victims, deserving condescension, moral latitude, and some sort of reparations or downright cash grants..."

Evan Sayet -- March 11, 2005

"Perhaps the best way to understand the tenets of Modern Liberalism is to think of its adherents first as "multiculturalists." These are people who believe that no culture or cultural practice is better or worse than any other and therefore all should be equally revered (this is why we are to celebrate, not greatness, but diversity -- as if all differences are equally worthy of celebration with none to be thought better or worse than any other.)...

The greatest single obstacle to the acceptance of multiculturalism as a valid philosophy is the existence of the United States. America's prosperity, military strength, degree of justice, and racial and ethnic harmony are unparalleled anywhere in human history and argue powerfully for the belief in America's exceptionalism. In other words -- we must be doing something right.

To the Modern Liberal -- to whom the concepts of right and wrong are anathema -- the objective of the schools and universities they dominate, the public discourse they lead and, in this case, the reporting of the mainstream media they have held a near-complete monopoly over for the past four decades, is not to accurately portray the factual evidence and honestly and accurately report the news, but rather to spin stories in a way that undermines the evidence of American exceptionalism."

Man that Victor Davis Hanson is brilliant!!!

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Anonymous said...

I told Jeanne aka JMi that I added your site to my favorites. I added all the reasons given for hate Bush and to me they didn't add up. There had to be something more behind this Bush hate and hate America. We see what is happening to education, morals, culture and way of life. We know about political correctness and sensitivity. They encompass diversity and multiculturalism to divide. I went to the origin of political correct. It's communism! It was started in 1923 in Frankfurt, Germany by a group as a way to spread communism and the acceptance thereof. It is known as the Frankfurt school. Communist Chairman Mao was impressed with political correctness and The Little Red book sets for sensitivity. If one wasn't or isn't political correct or sensitive to the state, kill them. Now we come to the ACLU that is running point for political correct and sensitivity. It is communist to the core and has one of their own on the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsberg. I don't make any of these allegation without facts. I've seen communism up close and personal. It's not pretty. Rawriter