Saturday, June 18, 2005

Liberal Jews

Forgive me, but I am somewhat of an expert on how what I call "Modern Liberals" think. It is the subject of the book I'm writing ("Regurgitating the Apple") and the basis of the talks I am more and more frequently engaged to give. I can tell you why the Democrats support the continued murderous reign of Saddam Hussein and engage in the most vicious of anti-American lies and slanders to bring it about. I can explain why the left seeks to promote children who can't read or write while seeking to destroy the rewards for hard work like the valedictorian honor in our colleges and the merit scholarship in our high schools. I can tell you why the Democrats side always with the thugs over the cops, the promiscuous over the abstinent and the pervert over the children.

Yet I remain utterly stymied as to why Jews so foolishly continue to vote for a party that supports its enemies, gives credence and power to the most virulent of antisemites (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson come to mind) and seeks to undermine the existence of Judeo-Christian values in America and around the world.

It boggles the mind that Jews would seek the empowerment of those who strengthen the terrorists who blow the skulls off of their religious brethren (and in many cases their own relatives) in Israel, blindly support the corrupt and evil United Nations where anti-semitism is the default position on all issues and openly work to create out of America a nation similar to France where Jews get beaten up on streets named after the killers of Jews.

How can Jews listen to leading Democrats blaming the war in Iraq on the Jews with what is now typical Democratic Party bigotry against all people of faith and still cast their votes to empower these people? How can Jews hear leading Democrats like Dick Durbin violate the memories of their parents and grandparents who were murdered by the millions in the Europe John Kerry seeks to proctor "global tests" and still offer them their undying support? How can Jews sign onto the vicious anti-American slanders that has become the coin of the realm of Democratic Party rhetoric knowing that America -- unlike any other land in history -- has afforded the Jew the full freedom to be a Jew?

How can Jews watch a man guilty in the incitement to murder Jews (Al Sharpton) stand side by side with the Democratic Party's Presidential candidates and being afforded the full respect even of Joe Lieberman as if the murder of Jews is just another day in the life of a Democrat?
And how can a Jew watch as the Democrats' last President made the mass murderer of Jews the single most feted and celebrated foreign "dignitary" of his administration and not get that the Democrats support Jew-killers?

Is it that Jews are stupid? That's hard to believe. Is it that they are all self-hating? I've never quite understood that concept to begin with. But there has to be an explanation as to why Jews so mindlessly vote with those who seek their destruction. I just don't know what it is.


Anonymous said...

Battered wife syndrome ?

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. Jews are
liberals first, Jews a distant
second. I'm talking consciousness
here, not total time spent on the

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Steven Klein said...

As an Orthodox Jew, I'd like to clarify something. Most Orthodox Jews are conservatives, and tend to vote Republican.

Unfortunately, only about 20% of American Jews are Orthodox.

BTW, I was truly inspired by your "Regurgitating the Apple" lecture at Heritage, since it also describes my own experience. I was a liberal until after 9/11. (Heck, I once worked full time in the 'peace' movement!)

David Mamet and Dennis Miller had a similar post 9/11 transformations.

Of course other former liberals had similar experiences long before 9/11. I'm reminded of a photo I once saw that pictured Ronald Reagan meeting with (if memory serves) David Horowitz and Michael Medved. The caption read, "Three former liberals."