Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Science and Religion Part One

Not long ago my old boss, Bill Maher, was ranting against religion on Larry King Live. He put forth the old canard that religion is the antithesis of science. That notion is so easily debunked that one has to laugh at Mr. Maher, which would be the first time in over five years (the last time I wrote for him) that Maher had actually heard that sound.

All one need do is open their eyes when driving down the street -- or in the case of Babs Streisand, et al, when their chauffeurs drive down the street -- to recognize the bigoted lies behind Maher's attacks. After all, what are the names of some of the great scientific research facilities in America? St. Judes Medical Center, Long Island Jewish research hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University to name just a few.

I've yet to see "The Leftists' Institute for Scientific Advancement" or "The Secularists Hospital for Medical Research" -- although we DO know the great "science" of the G-dless societies like that of the Nazis and the Soviet Communists.

(In fairness, while the socialists in places like Canada and France have offered not a single scientific advancement of note in a long, long time, there are American scientists whose computer models suggest that one is expected by around the turn of the twenty-fourth century -- about the same time that the first person is expected to die from second-hand smoke and the first non-intravenous drug-using heterosexual in the Western World is expected to contract AIDS.)

From the light bulb to the television, from the personal computer to the internet, virtually every scientific innovation of the last century has come from the religious folks in America. If it were up to the French, the Swedes or the Spanish the "enlightened" would quite literally still be sitting in the dark.

To offer such a patently false claim as the one Maher does one must be ignorant of the near-miraculous feats of scientific innovation in the tiny, Jewish state of Israel and the dearth of scientific inquiry and accomplishment coming from socialist Italy, communist North Korea and Islamist Iran.

To hold Maher's childish views one must be completely ignorant of -- or intentionally ignoring -the millions of scientists the world over and throughout time who are deeply religious. This includes, of course, Albert Einstein who repeatedly declared himself ever more convinced of G-d's hand with each of his (and others) new scientific discoveries. "After all," Einstein would say, "the more intricate the workings of the clock the more there simply must have been a clockmaker."

In other words, nothing could be less supported by fact, evidence and logic -- those things that scientists are supposed to rely on -- than Maher's bigoted arguments against the vast majority of his fellow Americans. But in the Orwellian world in which Democrats live -- a world where mass murdering Islamic fascists are the good guys and the man who sells insurance on the eightieth floor of the World Trade Center is "a little Eichman," a world where one seeks to emulate a nation (France) in which Jews are beaten up on streets named after cop-killers and terrorists, a world in which the Boy Scouts are evil and the child-rapists at NAMBLA are good and where the likes of Michael Moore and Al Franken are great "truth-tellers" for offering big lies -- this is what passes for "science."


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Mr. Sayet you are A wonderful blogger.
america needs to see te problems the left is causing this country.
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