Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leftist Polls Politically Motivated

Go back and read the polls from this time in the 2004 election and they were all skewed to portray John Kerry as the inevitable winner. He was "up" in Ohio, he was said to be winning in Florida, etc.

Remember, the leftist media was circulating bogus "exit" polling that showed Kerry was winning in a landslide the very day of the election that he lost so badly even he had to concede (unlike Al Gore who saw personal riches in selling himself as a "victim" and lied about the election being stolen putting himself (surprise, surprise) ahead of his country.

Keep in mind that it was this same leftist media who immorally (if not illegally) called Florida (and thus the 2000 election) for Al Gore when half the state had not yet finished voting, in essence telling the Republican half of the state -- the panhandle -- to go home and not bother voting because the election had been decided.

All those silly "hanging chads" and every one of those supposedly "disenfranchised" (who, like people yelling "kill 'em" at a McCain rally never actually happened) are nothing compared to the tens of -- if not hundreds of thousands or millions of Republicans who were deceived by the leftist media into not voting in 2000.

So now they're at it again. The leftist media -- the same folks who used forged documents to try and steal the 2004 election -- are trying to dishearten Republicans and dampen their enthusiasm. Polls that oversample Democrats and polling methods wholly invented for THIS election -- after decades of using another method -- have been concocted to get the desired results.

Still, even with all of this, polls like Zogby (who publicly proclaimed last time that he would retire if John Kerry didn't win, that's how "sure" he was of Kerry's victory) now has the neophyte, leftist junior senator in a dead heat with an American hero, a man of great courage and decency. It's not true. McCain is ahead. Do not be disheartened by the efforts of the same people who give Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers a free pass but within five hours have already rifled through the tax returns and business papers of Joe the Plumber.


Anonymous said...

National electoral map: Ominous Obama trend against McCain

It's only three electoral votes, but new state polls in once reliably Republican North Dakota have shifted the state from the column of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

And, according to new state poll research provided to The Ticket by Karl Rove & Co., now puts that state in the tossup column. Not a good sign for the GOP this close to Nov. 4.

The hypothetical electoral vote count by Rove now gives Barack Obama 313, 43 more than necessary for victory, while McCain has 171 and 54 electoral votes remain in the tossup category.

"McCain," Rove notes, "needs to begin moving states out of Obama's column to remain competitive."

Click on the Read more line below to view a weekly chart of the electoral vote movements since July 1 and for an explanation of the research's methodology.

--Andrew Malcolm

Anonymous said...

McCain: 'I Screwed Up' but 'Can't Explain'

By Roger Catlin on October 17, 2008
John McCain was once more the slated guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday.

This time, the host warned in his monologue, "maybe I won't show."

McCain famously blew off Dave three weeks ago saying he had to fly to Washington to fix the economic crisis, only to stick around in New York and do a different CBS show (with Katie Couric).

Letterman reviewed the snub in a segment involving maps, arrows, a limo and a picture of Couric.

Then McCain finally did come out, saying "I screwed up" twice, but otherwise not offering any other explanation or apology. Paul Shaffer had it right by playing him on with the Who's "Can't Explain."

"I screwed up," McCain said. "What can I say? What can I say? It's been reviewed pretty well what happened. We've been through this."

But it hadn't, and they hadn't, and it was telling how unforthcoming he was, comparing the whole line of inquiry apparently with his being held prisoner of war, saying, "I haven't had so much fun since my last interrogation."

He didn't know the half of it.

After Letterman magnanimously said "I'm willing to put this behind us," he tore into the candidate in a way that few have before - be they moderators, professional reporters or opposition candidates.

Since one of the conditions of putting it behind him was getting McCain to promise to come back to the show if he was elected and also have Sarah Palin on (Letterman said he also wanted to be "the guy who sits in the outer office reading magazines").

Then the host went on a very emotional, but understandable rant trying to get McCain to defend his choice of McCain and veer him from his standard stump response.

On Palin, Letterman began:

Either you're right or you're wrong. Either you know what you're talking about or you don't know what you're talking about. I'm just telling you from my perspective: I thought on my god. I'm sure she's a lovely woman. I'm sure she did a good job in Alaska. But in terms -

Then he reframed the question as a bigger picture:

I'm 61. I've never seen things in this big a mess. I've seen economic problems. I've seen war. I've never seen a combination of things quite like this. I've never seen the free fall diminishment of impression people have of the United States around the [world]. I've never seen anything like this. I have a four year old son I wonder what the hell...

"I'm thinking this is a pretty important job," Letterman went on, returning to the Palin question. "And so I'm wondering..."

McCain didn't answer much except to say that Palin gave people hope and he was "proud" of her, as if, Jon Stewart pointed out the same night, she were his daughter.

Letterman pressed on the responsibility to stand up to ugly comments made by supporters at a rally and wondered why McCain's campaign kept bringing up Obama's supposed relations with Bill Ayers, former member of the Weather Underground.

McCain defended this and Letterman asked, well, didn't the Arizona senator "pal around" with people like G. Gordon Liddy?

He could have called him G the Plumber, since Liddy was the head of the group calling themselves plumbers who broke into the Watergate hotel. Liddy did time for his part in the burglary and later became a right wing talk show host.

"I know Gordon Liddy," McCain felt it was important to say, even coming back from a commercial. "He paid his debt. He went to prison and paid his debt, as people do. I'm not in any way embarrassed to know Gordon Liddy."

This apparently despite Liddy's famous suggestion on air twice that if Federal agents are coming in to seize firearms, aim at their heads. Or his expression of near swooning for Hitler's voice as heard on the radio ("he sent an electric current through my body").

The main thing, McCain said, is that he's been "completely open" about his relationship, suggesting Obama had tried to deny any relationship he had with Ayers (they were on a committee together and the now respected Chicago professor had been an early supporter).

Then Letterman asked about the other part of Palin's charge that Obama had been "pallin' around with terrorists" with an s. Who exactly are the other terrorists he's been supposedly palling around with?

"There's millions of words said in politics," McCain said, explaining that it may have been a gaffe.

But, Letterman accurately pointed out, "That's where we live!"

In politics, the words you say are important.

Mats said...

What?!! Moonbat meda telling Floridans that "Kerry has won" BEFORE many of them had even voted?

Oh man, how low will the liberal media sink?

It's like the USSS. .. Oh wait! In socialist USSR there were no presidential elections. My bad.

mr. nite said...

"...Remember, the leftist media was circulating bogus "exit" polling that showed Kerry was winning in a landslide the very day of the election that he lost..."

Haha...wingbat pretending he doesn't know about the huge fraud in Ohio.

John said...

Yeah, Diebold dunnit!

but doesn't know it said...

Dingbat's finally got one right.

Kreps Neklo said...
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Kreps Neklo said...

I finally saw a fair amount of media ink in an AP IMPACT story devoted to getting inside the FNMA-FHLMCC scandal. Predictably enough, it left all the low hanging fruit alone including the video of Democrats insisting FNMA was fine, or that it was a racist witchhunt or how Barney Frank's lover was working for FNMA, instead choosing to investigate, you guessed it, the Republicans.