Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why Democrats Hate Those Who Serve Others

John Kerry, in so many words, recently called those who serve in the American military "stupid." This is important not just because Kerry is a United States Senator and the Democratic Party's most recent standard-bearer, but because it is the way Democrats in general feel about those who serve others.

The definition of a Democrat today is narcissism. With nothing bigger than themselves to believe in -- not G-d, not America and typically not children which a great many do not have for one reason or another and those who do typically consider them nothing more than playthings ala Madonna or pawns in their political activities ala Rosie O'Donnell. It is not a coincidence that one of the groups most likely to vote en mass for the Democrats are unamrried, childless women and children themselves (college kids).

With nothing bigger than themselves to believe in they become their own gods. And jealous gods at that. Jealous of those who would give their service to things like Jesus or America or their children. Their efforts are expended, then, trying to undermine others' belief in the things that take reverence away from them.

It's not surprising, then, to find so many of these narcissists are found in positions that basically demand "look at me!" "revere me!" "I'm like a god!!!"

So you'll find them larger than life on the giant movie screen, and bringing you "the truth" on the nightly news and being in position to lecture to the children in classrooms where they are they only ones to give voice to their beliefs.


BobsAdvice said...


Democrats believe in helping others. They are the party of Social Security, Medicare, and the Great Society. Republicans believe in privatizing everything; letting individuals take care of themselves. I believe that properly states the difference.

And God? No party has a monopoly on God. Democrats believe that God and Religion should be separate from government. Sort of protecting each from the other. Republicans have blurred this separation and believe that government is better if it mixes in a bit of the old time religion.

Good luck on your blog!

Wayright said...

The liberal attack on Wal-Mart is another point in question. Wal-Mart shoppers are precisely the segment of our population the Democratic Party thinks it should own. These are the people all the liberal programs are aimed at. Wal-Mart is hated by liberals not only because it is a successful capitalist entity, but because Wal-Mart is helping the poor with their low prices so much that the libs are both envious and fearful of the power they can lose.

The Democratic Party just simply can't stand such a visible example of CAPITALISM actually delivering for poor people, better than their revered federal government.

Anonymous said...

Haha! so this is where the poor, addled parrot, Sayet, aka COB, has ended up...and still parroting the same obsessive drivel about the "modern liberal"...a largely unrecognizable being who he conveniently invents in his haunted, little mind before tearing his hapless strawman apart with an inspired flourish of demented bravado. As we used to say on the old discussion never laugh so hard as when you laugh at COB. I can see he is where he should be -- given that room at the asylum is probably at a premium now that the right wing has totally imploded... with an audience of about two or three, judging from the terribly busy comment section.

Evan Sayet said...

Bob, these are not examples of helping people, they are examples of taxing one's neighbor indiscriminately to create programs which the government then runs.

If helping people were the Liberals goal then they would give to charity themselves, something that they do not do as proved by the fact that nine out of the ten LEAST charitable states are blue ones while nine out of ten of the MOST charitable states are red.

People in the red states also work more hours for charitable causes than do those in the blue.

As for neither party having a monopoly on God, not only is this not true, the Democratic Party -- dominated as it is by the Modern Liberal -- loathes the very concept of God and religion. It is why they work to remove "under God" from the pledge, here in California they work to rewrite history and remove the cross from the county seal and why leftist Bill Maher goes on national televison and offers up the ludicrous notion that religion is antithetical to science.

Evan Sayet said...

What the Democrats can't stand is people being self-sufficient. They hate the American people for being stupid (proved by their belief in God) and bigoted (as proved by their patriotism) and likely armed.

So long as they can keep them impoverished they can keep them under their thumb.

Evan Sayet said...

Finally, notice the abject foolishness of the anon. writer. Just silly stuff. As I said in the entry that brought me here today, UGHHHH.

Scott said...

The Liberal-as-God thing is salient for me when I hang out with young liberals with education.

They see problems or even just things that annoy them and start talking about "making X illegal." To them, laws are the thunderbolts that they can cast down from the clouds to effect their will.

They don't stop to ponder the fact that "making something illegal" means essentially that men will enforce your idea at gunpoint on the entire citizenry. It's a truly dangerous way to think.

Thomas Gagne said...

I'm not sure it's because they've removed God, but that they've elevated man to be his own god. This belief that we are each our own god is consistent with their refusal to acknowledge a common standard against which some gods are better than other gods.

Man's responsibility for global warming (and not the sun's) is proof Modern Liberals believe man has god-like powers-enough to both break our climate (global warming) and fix it (anti-modernization).

As a side benefit Modern Liberals are, as you've pointed out elsewhere, enjoying another opportunity to disparage the progress democracy and capitalism that founded our United States of America.

ShaneH said...

I just read a book, "The Good Fight;Why liberals and only liberals can save us" and in it he talked about the republican attack machine the "The Swift boat Vets". He said they attacked his stories behind his purple hearts and maybe the thing about Cambodia. What a liberal won't do is confront the real issue of John Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets. That John Kerry came back and lied about seeing atrocities. That he held the winter soldier hearings and 90% of the people in the hearings weren't ever in the military and of the remaining vets, him and one other actually served in Vietnam. He disgraced soldiers with lies.

He disgraced them then, he didn't care about them or for them, he disgraced them again. Same reason.