Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Bush Didn't Use FISA

Once again I find myself in a position to say what everyone knows but few would feel comfortable saying. The reason that the President didn't go to the FISA courts or inform more members of Congress about the interception of communications featuring al Qaeda members abroad and their contacts here in America was the concern that, with a Democrat party that puts its personal and ideological agenda ahead of America and Americans the chances of a leak that would undermine America's safety was, well, just as sure as the fact that the New York Times did leak it to our enemies.

Remember, these "members of Congress" would include folks like Dick Durbin who, based on a supposed e-mail (which he would never show anyone) from a supposed FBI agent (unnamed, of course) preceded to attack American troops as being "like the Nazis" and Nancy Pelosi, the woman who gives standing ovations to lie-filled, anti-American propaganda movies like those of Michael Moore.

When Osama Bin Ladin is using Democrat party "talking points" to make al Qaeda's points, the NY Times is leaking military secrets and the Democrats' leadership is siding with America's enemies, it's a fine line between "consulting Congress" and leftist judges and seeing our secrets in the hands of the enemy.

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