Sunday, February 05, 2006

Democrats, Terrorists and Cartoons

The parallels between the Democrat party and Islamic fascist terrorists becomes more and more clear all the time. So clear, in fact, that it was former Carter administration flunky and Naderite Chris Matthews would couldn't help but compare the words on Osama Bin Ladin's most recent tape to the script from the Dem's favorite propagandist Michael Moore. (Resulting, of course, not in anger at the hateful lies of Michael Moore but a boycott of Matthews!)

With this latest excuse for vicious attacks, the Moslems show themselves to have taken another page from the Democrats' -- THEIR latest excuse for vicious slanders -- the notion of "fake, but accurate." Turns out the "worst" of the cartoons being circulated in the Moslem world weren't even ones printed in the Danish press. The forged document users at CBS would find themselves perfectly at home amongst the Imams.

And, of course, the Moslems and Dems seem to be one and the same when it comes to the concept of "being offended" being the standard for depriving folks of their rights. Democrats seek to deny non-leftists free speech while their ideological brethren in the terror camps simply ensure the end of free speech by hacking off the heads of their "infidel" enemies.

So the poor, sad, oppressed mass murderers seeking the genocide of all infidels in a Jihad that harkens back to a pre-Crusades caliphate are now (yet again and as always) threatening the murder of infidels and engaging in vicious attacks on embassies (an act of war) and causing innocents bodily harm. This time because they didn't find a couple of cartoons funny.

And they MUST be really REALLY offended by this "disrespect" to their religion because they've taken time out from urinating all over the Church of the Nativity and defecating in Joseph's tomb long enough to burn down embassies! It is important that we get the gist of their anger, so strong, that many are going to miss tonight's episode of "The Protocols of Zion" and the gala premiere of the Democrats' latest anti-Israel lie, "Munich."

Yep, these lovely, lovely Jihadists -- folks the Democrats helped create when Jimmy Carter ceded Iran to the Ayatollahs -- using tactics first practiced by Democrat favorites like Yasser Arafat -- are so upset they've actually taken the Danish flag out of their children's "Flags of All Nations" boxed set just to set it afire. Wait, no. The terrorists like the Democrats envision a world in which there is only ONE flag: the Democrats that of the UN and the Moslems that of their caliphate.

And, of course, with both the UN and the terrorists, Jimmy Carter insists that American taxpayers fund the efforts!

So, the religion of peace is at it again. Showing the world just how peaceful they'll be -- just as soon as all infidels have had their heads hacked off. And the Democrats will continue to champion them because, without mass murdering terrorists hacking off the heads of innocent civilians and massacring thousands of innocents at a time in NYC, DC and Pennsylvania, well, the world just wouldn't be as diverse.


Eldon said...

As if the world needed more proof, how much more obvious could it be that a very large percentage of the Muslim world is composed of psychotic idiots. If the sensible part of the Muslim world does not make a huge effort to take back their religion, they are going to be sucked into the Armageddon their radical brothers so desire, and there will be an atomic war between the people of Islam and the rest of the world, and what was once the Arab world will be a series of radio-active holes.

I understand how difficult it is for "moderates" to stand up to the insanity. I have a friend who was raised as a Muslim in Egypt. As a young woman she wore western style clothes and makeup and considered herself part of the modern world. After she came to America she began to notice that the friends she left behind were changing. They were no longer dressing "Western" they were returning to the robes and scarves of their grandmothers and were condemning my friend for remaining “American”. As the religion of her youth became more and more oppressive, she drifted further and further away from it. Eventually she turned to Christianity. and wrote publicly of her conversion. She was threatened with death and had to change her name and move to a new unknown location.

She now does what she can, privately, to inform Americans about what they are up against. (She also informs that many of the Imams teaching in the Arab world were educated in Russia under the Soviet Union’s rule.) But if those in the Muslim world who can see where the world is headed under the radical Muslim's rule don’t risk death to express their rebellion to this psychotic movement, it will suck them and the whole world into a terrible abyss of death and destruction.


Ron said...

Eldon may be on to something...

One thing I’ve done in my life is read the ‘good book’ – more than 20+ times, from cover to cover... and read dozens upon dozens of biblical commentaries, some good, some not so good. Be that as it may, as other Christians know, the words are explicit - expect to see Christ come again. He said he would return... the Book relates the precise condition of the world just before he does.

It says that Christ returns when the nations of the world are arrayed against Israel... in the midst of attacking Israel, with all might and fury possible. In short, Christ returns, and His celestial army wipes out the most powerful armies of the world in the ‘Battle of Armageddon.’

It isn’t much of a battle – man-made might pitted against the full power of the Creator of mankind. It doesn’t take long, the outcome never in doubt – Israel is saved, and secular, apostate and morally bankrupt mankind loses the last battle it will ever fight.

Is it a laughable myth? It looks doubtful... as none of hundreds of other explicit prophecies failed. This last prophecy may be tested in present times and is forecast as an event the world cannot escape.

The question, “Will this be presaged by radical Islamic terrorism?” The answer is glaringly obvious - if Iran lobs a nuclear weapon at the nation of Israel and the US is complicit through inaction or political antipathy.

Today American media supports Israel’s enemies versus Israel - today anti-Semitism is once again at a high point in world history – today radical Islam runs rampant, killing innocents, demanding the world capitulate to the confines of Sharia law.

(Funny... American media, in refusing to print the ‘cartoons’ used to created fear in a propaganda war, have began to assimilate the laws of Sharia. Which incidentally do not forbid the depiction of Mohammed. Every Arab or Islamic newspaper in the world is rife with cartoons far more demeaning to Mohammed than anything published in that Danish newspaper.)

The Book, in a nutshell, says Arabs will become ‘wild asses’ on the world stage, and they have become just that. It also says they won’t be victorious. But, yes – they may well be among the agents that bring about the last war on the face of this planet.