Friday, September 02, 2005

Random Thoughts Re: Katrina

It's a shame that some people chose not to leave the city of New Orleans. It is a crime that the city's Mayor and the state's Governor (who I don't know if he is a Republican or a Democrat and I don't want to know right now) didn't have provisions in place. This is not an earthquake which comes on suddenly nor is it a tsunami which strikes without warning. We knew (and all watched) for days and days and days as the storm approached.


When New York City was attacked by the Islamic fascists it was the leadership of of Rudolph Giuliani and George Pataki that made the difference. As it should. The President can offer support but it is the mayor and the governor who must take the lead. George Bush is still the president. The problem is that Louisiana just doesn't have leaders who were up to the task.


It is not often that one gets a perfect opportunity to see what would happen if one side or the other got their way completely. In Louisiana, however, we should see the end of the gun control argument. Guns were one hundred percent controlled and the result was that the thugs were free to rape and kill. Had the good people had guns it never would have happened.


The slow response to the hurricane came, in no small part, because the fallacious reporting on CNN and even Fox News. Both networks -- and a good many others -- were talking about how New Orleans had "dodged a bullet" into Tuesday. There was no reason for anyone to suspect the horror if they were watching these shows or reading the papers.


Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus and the likes of Robert Kennedy, Jr. and others who have engaged in their typical hateful lies and vitriol during this time. It is just more evidence that Tammy Bruce -- the feminist leader who knows the mindset of the Liberal intimately -- is right, the are "malignant narcissists" -- even as their "fellow Americans" grieve, they say "how can I score a point for ME?"


MiamiMiami said...

I have several comments on this post if I may do so...

As far as the evacuation goes I have to agree although I understand that there were many who could not, for whatever reason, leave. I believe that the Governor of Louisiana is a Democrat, not that it really matters right now. As far as having provisions in place that's a really tough one, Evan. In 1992 Dade county was woefully behind the eight ball as far as major hurricanes go. Considering how bad it was here for months after Andrew we still had trouble with getting our act together after this Katrina hit us as a Category 1 storm but I will admit we are much better prepared all things considered.

The difference between New Orleans and NYC are large and quite notable. You have to remember that the major problem here is access. New Orleans is right now next to impossible to access where NYC was wide open for help to arrive. Also too the destruction in NYC was limited to a small area where as the damage here in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are spread out over an area roughly the size of Idaho. I don't blame the individual leaders as much as a blame the whole group of them, Democrat and Republican. To simply blame one and not the other is to learn nothing from this. Hurricanes couldn't give a rat's behind about politics.

Speaking on this I am personally mortified that ANYONE on anyside of the aisle would take this opportunity to advance a political objective. I am a card-carrying republican and I am sure that there is some blmae to put on the shoulders of many including the wacko enviromentalists but now is not the time for it. We will have the rest of our natural lives to debate this, I promise you.

One thing that just has to be made is the idea of gun control. The ability for the citizen to protect himself and his property cannot be left up to the local government. The citizenry is the ultimate mititia as designed by our constitution and to disarm them is only a means to their demise. The polic in this instance could not keep up, it's only sheer numbers. There's more thugs than cops. It is as simple as that. The citizens who had the means to protect themselves did and those that didn't died. I am glad that we had that right protected here in Florida because it made the difference after Andrew.

Ultimately there will be many dead. The reality is that no matter how much planning we do we can only get to so many people at a time and I think as Americans we need to be more self-reliant in these cases. The government can only do so much. We ALL need to help each other out and not rely so much on the government to help us.

Just the ramblings of a multiple hurricane survivor down here in sunny South Florida.

God be with the people of the Gulf.

Evan Sayet said...

I agree with just about everything you said (I'd say everything but I kind of scan when I read because I have to cover so much ground I wanted to CMA just in case I missed something).

In fact I signed on to write a piece about the difference between NYC and NO.

The one place I might take exception is with the prepositioning of essentials. But this is a disaster of unprecedented magnitutde but we live in an era where everything is tied up neatly at the end of a half-hour sitcom and wars are like the first Gulf War and Americans are so spoiled by their luck of being born in twentieth century (now 21st Century) America that they have NO idea what life is really like.

MiamiMiami said...

It really is a monumental task and no one can expect the government to respond quick enough. I think we as Americans need to take more personal responsbility. We can't rely on the government to save us all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys know the thugs in New Orleans had guns "imported" from states with lax gun laws by weapons "traffickers" who buy more than one gun a month? I'm sure that's what the Brady bunch will tell you!

MiamiMiami said...

The thugs will actually tel you that the looting is benficial because they are removing the items that were no longer saleable. They are recycling the goods. Idiots...

Anonymous said...

EvanWrong, what's in it for ME? Well duh! The Jews do it too all the time or are you in denial?
Jews see themselves as being persecuted all the time and "victims" Armenians too were persecuted but do they cry "Victim" Victim" today? No, they have learned to move on with their lives. Get over it.
What's in it for ME? Jews piggyback on Christians when it suits them, attack Christians when it suits them. It all boils down to what's in it for ME for Jews and Blacks.

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Be prepared for the next hurricane rita or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!

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