Sunday, July 24, 2005

Liberals Breed Terrorists

Being a rational thinker it is often impossible to get how Democrats can be so stupid.

What exactly do the Democrats think is going to happen when they Balkanize America and invent categories for people so that no one is an American any longer but rather an "African-American" or an "Hispanic-American" or a woman or a homosexual whose allegiance shouldn't be to America but rather to the "cultural heritage" or the unique behavior that "defines" them?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when English is not the language of everyone but everyone is to speak their own language (even made up slang like "ebonics") so that communities become isolated and antagonistic and incapable of communicating with one another to solve differences and problems?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when they give standing ovations to anti-American movies they know are filled with outright lies that paint America as evil and take to the Senate floor to denounce America's soldiers as "like the Nazis" knowing at least a part of their constituency is dumb enough to believe them?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when they hire terrorists to teach at the universities they control and promote those who call the victims of terrorism "little Eichmans" to head-up entire departments?

What's going to happen is exactly what has happened in London where native born children blow the skulls off of their "fellow countrymen." After all, thanks to the Liberals there what did these murderers have in common with the people they destroyed?

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi feels comfortable that with her connections she'll escape the murders. And maybe Ted Kennedy feels assured that he can take a private helicopter to "the Kennedy Compound" to escape the fate of a Theo Van Gogh. It's likely that Dick Durbin believes he can order up some extra security forces should it get bad for here at home.

But the rest of us need to recognize that so long as the Democrats' goal is the division of America into subgroups, the undermining of our common language and the destruction of our unique values the phenomenon of the "native-born" terrorist that the British are new experiencing thanks to Europe's leftism -- folks who feel no kinship with their neighbors and no compunction about blowing off their skulls -- will soon be coming home to roost in America.


Anonymous said...

What they think is what any revolutionary thinks.

They crash the system (government) and because only they know what is really going on, they will be able to pick up enough pieces to be totally in charge.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to watch something besides Fake, I mean, Fox News and listen to someone besides Rush. Most of what you say is not true. It is garbage you've picked up so you can have someone to hate.

Democrats are not evil. They love their families and their country. They hate terrorists and what they are doing. They may have some ideas that are different than yours, but just saying they are stupid and bad doesn't make it so.

Open your mind. Listen to other voices with a real intention to try to understand. You don't have to change your views, but when you have facts instead of mindless rants and raves, tell me again why democrats are so bad.

Anonymous said...

Heard you on that commie Hartmann's show. Keep up the good work on showing these frauds for what they are - ANTI AMERICAN SOCILAISTS.

daggahead said...


It seems that George W's war has done more to breed terrorism than anything a so-called liberal has done.

It is unfortunate that, because the conservatives' agenda is starting to get exposed for the sham it is, that the liberal-bashing has ratcheted up to a new low.

Thom Hartmann has handed your butt to you on a platter many times. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you use voice inflections that, what, are supposed make liberals even more evil to those who already don't like liberals? Geez. Fifth grade students seem more mature.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my great good fortune in not tuning into Rush at noon today and (quite by accident) discovering Evan Sayet on the Thom Hartman radio show! I'm in awe of Evan's ability to hold his/our own (and a whole lot more!) in the face of unrelenting attacks. It was Brilliant! Beautiful! Bitchin'!

I now see on what horizon the Right's next super star will rise --- Right here and in the person of Evan Sayeth!

JJ Jake

Anonymous said...

Well Daghead, liberals and anti-American democrats in general are breeding terrorists. By giving aid and comfort to the enemies by the likes of DICK Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Killer Kennedy, are giving the terrorists hope that our county is divided on the ending of terrorism. When DICK Durbin states that our troops are Nazis; who side do you think DICK is on? Ours? I don't think so. The democrat party will do anything to undermine the Bush administration; including putting our troops in danger.

daggahead said...

I believe it was Bush that started a war that has put our soldiers in harm's way, or don't you understand how that works?

By the way, I love the cute little nicknames you have for your favorite liberals.

I don't believe Dick Durbin called our troops Nazis. He was using a metaphor. Unfortunately, he apologized even though he really didn't need to.

Alva Goldbook said...

This is quite a revolting piece, Evan. What’s even more revolting is that you throw out assumptions that Democrats created such terms as “Hispanic-American” and “African-American”, much less encourage the use of “ebonics”. I don’t see you attacking the idiom of whites in America. You will hear plenty of “that dog don’t hunt” in Alabama, or even during a Presidential debate. Not to mention the typical so-Cal white kid, “That’s, like, totally gnarly dude.” To single out “ebonics” not only shows your racism, but your selectivity. Further, you forget that the purpose of language is to communicate, and if the listener understands that language, then SO WHAT? But what of your larger question, which you seemed incompletely incapable to explain or show any evidence of?

Liberals breed terrorists? Really? Ask the CIA. As Dubya came into office the NIC Global Trends report cited the cause of terrorism to be the result of increasing globalization (the benefits which will not be global), political instability, and economic stagnation. In other words, it is not “Liberals” that breed terrorists, but US foreign and trade policies.

You can trace the roots of this brand of Middle Eastern terrorism to the overthrow of Iran’s democratic Mossedegh government. The Eisenhower administration used the CIA, and happy barrels of taxpayer money to turn Iran over the Shah, who in turn used his CIA trained secret police, SAVAK, to slaughter thousands of Iranians, and wiping out his entire political opposition. That outrage lead directly to Pahlevi’s overthrow and the rise of the Ayatollahs and the situation we now face. But it doesn’t end there.

The CIA have billions of dollars to rebel fighters in Afghanistan during the 1980’s under the Reagan administration, as well as military training and weapons. One of the primary recipients of that tax payer largess was none other than Osama bin Laden. But it doesn’t end there.

Saddam Hussein came to power with the help of the United States. In an attempt to take out Iran, the Reagan and Bush Senior administrations gave Saddam’s Iraq weapons of mass destruction, including bacillus anthracis (anthrax), clostridium botulinum, histroplasma capsulatum, brucella melitensis, clostridium porringers, escherichia coli. It didn’t end there as US corporations like Hewlett-Packard provided Iraq with computers to work their scud and nuclear programs, AT&T provided technology to upgrade Iraq’s air defense systems, Bechtel helped build a petrochemical plant for Iraq, Caterpillar aided Iraq with the construction of their nuclear programs, and DuPont sold Iraq oil for use with those nuclear programs. Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Bechtel, Caterpillar, and DuPont have another thing in common, besides having a heavy hand in helping Saddam to butcher his own people and terrorize his neighboring countries. Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Bechtel, Caterpillar, and DuPont has given at least $187,000 dollars to George W. Bush.

So WHO exactly is breeding the terrorists, Evan?

Evan Sayet said...

Okay, eight comments...where do I start?

It's amazing to me how little fact, evidence and reason means to the left. Fox News is "fake". Why? What evidence do we have of that? None -- except that they don't say America is evil, corrupt and horrible and thus they must be lying.

But wouldn't the FAKE news be CBS where they were just caught using forged documents and trying to pawn off a mentally disturbed Democratic Party partisan with multiple direct contacts to the highest levels of the Kerry campaign as "an unimpeachable source"?

Wouldn't the FAKE news be that of Howell Raines and Jayon Blair of the New York Times who were forced to resign after being nailed in their thirtieth lie?

Wouldn't the FAKE news be CNN who was caught having perpetrated a decade-long defrauding of the American people in a quid pro quo with Saddam Hussein where they covered for his atrocities in exchange for personal and professional favors?

Wouldn't the FAKE news be ABC whose news president sent out an official memo ordering his reporters to be dishonest in their coverage of the two candidates for President?

But these things (facts) mean nothing to the Democrat. The Democrat is mindless. They START with their answer (America's evil, Bush is Hitler, Karl Rove is guilty, the economy is bad, the terrorists are winning, etc) and then work their way backwards to cherry-pick, spin, manipulate and invent whatever is required to uphold their preordained and unshakeable (pre)conclusion.


You'll notice that the leftist attacks on me are ALL devoid of fact or evidence. They're just mindless attacks. Stop listening to Rush -- well they have no idea WHO I listen to or what I read. Those facts are meaningless to her because facts are meaningless to the Democrat.


Notice the next lefty..."it seems to me George W.'s war is breeding MORE terrorism."

On what does this lefty base this? There's nobody from the Gallup organization going cave to cave knocking on the rocks and taking a poll. In fact the evidence that DOES exist OVERWHELMINGLY debunks this claim. If there was MORE terrorism wouldn't there be MORE terror attacks? But the terrorists haven't been able to launch a successful attack on America or an American interst outside the Middle East since the day we stopped our policy of appeasment and began to fight back.

But this is based on the leftists' penchant for emotions. They believe that peole only do bad things because they're FEELING bad so if we fight back against the terrorists we're only going to make them FEEL worse and thus -- no matter what the facts, evidence and logic show -- it simply must MUST mean there's more terrorism.


Consider the lefties' self-pity in calling being exposed for their folly and anti-American attacks "Liberal bashing." Gee, Dick Durbin calls our soldiers Nazis, Moveon.Org calls the President a Nazi. Al Gore calls Republcians "Digital Nazis" and the left whines when fact, evidence and logic are used to show how mindlessly they come to their positions and their positions are ALWAYS on the side of evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

Recognize, again, in this leftists attack that supposedly my "butt was handed to me" (but no examples are given)...then something about my voice inflections (????) and then some name calling (fifth grader) but NOTHING by way of fact, evidence or logic.


Compare the conservatives response. He makes a statement (Democrats are breeding terrorism) and the immediately backs it up with facts and evidence (Dick Durbins anti-American slander, etc).


Later a lefty acts as apologist for Dick Durbin saying he was using a "metaphor." In other words he didn't really mean what he said but was speaking in code. This is what leftists do. They take what their side says that is utterly vile and invent a different meaning for it and they'll take what Republicans say that is good and say it's a secret code for racism or whatever.

The other great intellectual trick of the leftist is not to discuss actual facts but rather to invent the "motivations" for them. So the war that liberated Iraq and saved twenty-five million human beings from rape, torture and genocide and has helped spread democracy throughout the Middle East and beyond isn't good becauase George Bush did it to steal the oil or to make daddy happy or to impress Jodi Foster, etc.


With fact, evidence and reason of no import to the Democrat they are utterly incapable of understanding degrees. So air conditioning not being on in an interogation cell is the same as the Holocaust. A bomb going off in London is the same as the non-stop onslaught of murder that saw the WTC attacked, our warships nearly sunk, our embassies destroyed two at at time, etc. and thus proof that our defenses aren't working.

Can this person ALVA REALLY not see a difference between Southerners (or any people) speaking in slang and the government giving their credidation and funding to call it a legitimate language?

These people are simply incapable of rational thought.

jmi said...

You ask Evan who exactly is breeding the terrorists? It's Islam! (and with the help of liberals like you!) All you need to do is read the chronology of terrorist attacks around the globe since 1961 to know how evil these militants are. And...this is prior to the Reagan and Bush administrations. You also said that we gave Saddam Hussein WMD's but yet you liberal / democrats claim that Saddam never had WMD! So which is it?
I suggest you stop blaming America! You know you can always leave and pledge your allegiance somewhere else! Maybe you can find a country where Muslim fanatics won't attack!

daggahead said...

Yes, Evan, you truly are a comedian.

Anonymous said...

If liberalism breeds terrorism, how come all terrorists are right wingers? Do liberals breed right wingers?

Evan Sayet said...

Once again, fact, reason and evidence are meaningless to the Democrat. All terrorists are "rightwingers"? You mean like the SLA? Or perhaps you mean the IRA? Or maybe you mean the Red Brigade? Or do you mean the PLO -- hero to the French and Bill Clinton?

Perhaps you mean Sammy al Arian the professor at the leftist universities. Or maybe the Black Panthers?

It is stunning, folks, Democrats do not care one whit for fact, reason or evidence.

Alva Goldbook said...

I’m not sure who exactly you are referring to when you say the “left” is calling Fox News “fake”. I’m also not sure how this subject is even remotely related to TERRORISM. But since you brought up the subject:

Fox News is the only major media network that is run and operated by former GOP political strategists. That Fox News would therefore present a view of the world that is biased is hardly a surprise. Nor do I think it’s particularly relevant. They have the right to present their news with whatever biases they like. They do NOT have the right to use the public airwaves to broadcast propaganda (a federal crime). It’s not hard to come across several of the conservative commentators who has recently received payola for echoing the White House’s position. Beyond that, Fox News has gone out of their way not only in character assassination of the White House’s political opponents, but have repeatedly lied to the public at large on the reality of the Iraq War and the economy. The PIPA poll showed that the more you watch Fox News the more likely you are to have a view of the world that is not factually accurate. Furthermore, I don’t know of ANY media outlets that say that “America is evil”, and that even includes al Jezerra.

It is true that several media organizations has been caught reporting stories that they were forced to later retract. That much is obvious. What isn’t obvious is how you, or anyone, could confuse them as a loudspeaker for the Democratic Party. The fact of the matter is that professional journalists (with the exception of those at Fox News) truly see their jobs as professionals, who have the integrity to present the world with subjective news. Unfortunately, there are several constraints to that endeavor, as criticism of subjects deemed “taboo” is likely to see the editor desk’s cut list. Nothing could have shown a starker contrast when comparing the Communist atrocity in the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970’s to a atrocity committed largely by the United States in East Timor in the same time period. The “liberal” New York Times dedicated 1,175 column inches that Communist atrocity, while only bothering to print 70 column inches of similar atrocities going on in East Timor.

The traditional news media (we’re not talking about outlets with a clear agenda like Air America Radio or Fox News) is not conservative or liberal, but rather it is corporate. You will not see CBS criticizing Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, since Viacom owns both of them. You will not see ABC criticizing the labor conditions at Disney World since Disney owns both of them. And you will not see NBC criticizing the US having stockpiles of nuclear weaponry, as NBC’s parent company General Electric, profits from supplying the Pentagon with that very weaponry.

And Evan, to even suggest that ALL the leftist attacks on your are devoid of facts not only is an extremely ambiguous statement, but is completely inaccurate and dishonest. There are bomb throwers on both sides of the aisle, and you and I both know this. Are you willing to set that aside, along with all of your extremist hyperbole and have a rational honest discussion?

Incorrect, Evan, I simply LINKED George W. Bush with breeding more terrorism, in a manner that is (ahem) actually relevant to the FACTS. But you do raise an interesting question. If there was MORE terrorism wouldn’t there be MORE terrorist attacks? The answer to this Evan, is that the Patterns of Global Terrorism report (published by the State Department since 1985) showed that 2004 saw 625 terrorist attacks, up from 175 in 2003, the sharpest INCREASE on record.

Evan, I want you to try to think back to the morning of September 11th, 2001. I vividly remember that day, as I live only 20 miles south of the Pentagon. My girlfriend of 7 years commutes to the District of Columbia every day, and until 9/11, always got onto the metro station at the Pentagon. When my brother woke me up with the news, I was in complete shock, and somehow I knew in my gut that my girlfriend was dead. Luckily, for me I turned out to be wrong, but I personally know several people who were not so lucky. There was no anger on 9/11, as the shock was still too great. On 9/12 the vast majority of us wished for blood. Now imagine what it would be like to how a 9/11-like disaster every other week for ten years straight. Do you really think you would have a single moment of hesitation in killing those who have killed our American brethren? If not, then WHY would you expect a different reaction from the people of Iraq? Not only did the Iraq suffer this through the embargo (as if Saddam wasn’t bad enough), but then they face a war in which at least an additional 100,000 Iraqis have died. Can you possibly BLAME THEM for wanting us dead? The bare bones here Evan, is that if you do not want to risk the fate of terrorist attacks, then YOU STOP PARTICIPATING IN IT.

On to the subject of language. Evan, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but English, like any language, has many different forms and subsets. Do you really think that London English is the same as Boston English? The government gives plenty of funding to Florida teachers in Florida to teach Floridian students Floridian English. The same applies EVERYWHERE in the United States. So why do you single out “ebonics”? My only guess is your own racism. I wish I could come to any other logical conclusion.

Alva Goldbook said...

Figured I’d clear you up on a few points. Your contention is that Islam is breeding terrorists. I would concur that some Islamists are training others in various combat techniques. However, if you look at the Israeli occupation of Lebanon some years ago, four of the suicide bombers were in fact Christians. Similarly, Eric Rudolph, who was recently convicted of the 1996 Olympic Games bombing, and Tim McVeigh, who was executed for the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City too were both Christians. I would also remind you that we were also hit with suicide attackers at Pearl Harbor, which would logically leave one to conclude that terrorist tactics are not based on religious ideology alone, but some other compelling reason. I would suggest the basis is grounded in geo-political realities rather than ideological faith. I’m well aware of the patterns of Middle Eastern terrorism, and I would lay the root cause of it in the modern period with the CIA overthrow of the democratic Mossedegh government in Iran in 1953.

I have never heard any “liberal”, or anyone else ever claim that Saddam never had WMDs. It is public record that we gave Saddam WMDs, all you have to do is look up the Senate Foreign Relations Committee report “Duel Use Technologies to Iraq”, reported on May 25th, 1994. The argument was if Saddam still had those WMDs in March of 2003. Both chief UN weapon inspectors Scott Ritter and David Kay are on record that Saddam did NOT have those weapons in March of 2003. For anyone who was even remotely paying attention to nearly a decade long weapon inspection program, 90% or more of them had been eliminated by the weapon inspectors, about 5% had been taken out in repeated military strikes, and the rest had simply expired their shelf lives. Much of the biological agents, in fact, had expired their shelf lives by 1992.

I will leave you with the words of Thomas Jefferson. “All men are created equal [and] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” such as “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. And “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to ALTER OR ABOLISH IT, and to institute new Government.” You MIGHT recognize those words from being the most famous section of the Declaration of Independence. Somehow Jefferson forget to mention that when “any Form of Government because destructive of these ends” that you can always leave and pledge you allegiance elsewhere. I wonder why you do.

Anonymous said...

Karl Marx and China Communist chairman Mao must be very happy with the acceptance of their political correctness and sensitivity including "hate" crimes. The aclu is point. Rawriter

Anonymous said...

I've said many times that the bottom line in the war on terrorism is Islam Vs. Civilization. I stand by that statement until I see Muslims giving up the terrorist and stop aiding and a abetting them, either actively or passively. Many Muslim Clerics have declared a Jihad. If you don't know ehat that means, look it up. Rawriter.


All one need do is read the inane serial silliness posed in the comments by the liberal leftist responses to Sayet Right to prove him correct in everything he says. I really have no problem with Democrats who are also loyal Americans who can be depended upon to return to reality when national security or other disaster is threatened; however, those who follow the leadership of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore are charlatans of similar ilk are guuilty of aiding and abetting our enemies........simplly stated..... TREASON!! Lest liberals forget.... George Bush and the Republicans won the election....WE are mainstream and don't intend to surrender to the faint of heart and the "Fifth Column" exemplified by the ACLU and the useful idiots who populate the lunatic fringe. JKARLUSMC

LogicalOne said...


Forgive us. You are correct. The Republicans won the election and that proves whatever they say is correct and everyone else should shutup.

That's what you did during the Clinton years, didin't you?

Evan Sayet said...

JKarl, your argument falls right into what I've been saying all along -- that the response of those of the left are so devoid of fact, evidence or reason that I find myself only more firmly entrenched in my beliefs after reading them.

Nobody said that winning the election means that Republicans shouldn't listen to the other folks. but when the other folks offer nothing but lies and slanders there is nothing to listen to.

In my standup act I ask "how exactly I am to find middle ground with the Democrats who call the President HITLER?" Am I supposed to go into a room, hash out the difference and come out and say "we've found middle ground, Bush is only HIMLER."

The Democrats have done themselves a horrible disservice in their desperation. By making themselves so extreme and so ludicrous there really is no reason to attempt compromise.

Senator_MJM said...

Once again you are exactly correct. To fulfill your statement through fruition, this desparate devoid of ideas plan when countered with actual actions from the Administration (recess appt of Bolton) will again include using the lamestream media to lambast Bush for 'abuse of power'. The lust for power from the Dems overtakes all: love of freedom, love of country and any chance of reasonable contructive discussion.

Evan Sayet said...

Avla --

You fall into so many of the intellectual traps of the ideologue.

For example, when you try to hurt America by saying that we gave Saddam weapons you are only telling half the story. Is this because you don't know the whole story (and if not they you need to ask why) or do you know the whole story and are happy to hurt America through lies of omission.

Yes, we DID help Saddam. Not because evil, horrible americans woke up one morning and said "hmmm, where's an evil guy I can help for no reason" but because we perceived a greater evil in the Islamic fascist takeover of Iran. Saddam was fighting Iran and we helped him (and even then only to fight to a draw).

It's a sad reality of life but sometimes one has to side with evil in order to defeat a greater evil. This is what our fathers did -- you know, the Greatest Generation -- when they sided with the evils of Communism in order to defeat the greater evil of Nazism.

The Leftists inability to see this is often the cause of some of the worlds' greatest sufferings. For examle it was Jimmy Carter's unwillingness to help the bad Shah remain in power so what happened? The utterly evil Ayatollahs took over and began the Islamic fascist movement that we're still fighting today (only now in our own cities).

The other error I picked out quickly (cause it's so typical of the leftist) is to be incapable of judging degrees. Gee whiz, there's an American terrorist so that somehow means that there's no difference between what our culture breeds and that of Islam which is murdering infidels all over the world in sixty different countries? I have written before that one of the great leftist victories for idiocy was in convincing some that the minimum standard of truth is perfection.

Can you really not see the difference between a nation of 280 million that has created but two terrorists that you can name (and the caught and punished them rather than dancing in the streets, calling them heroes, putting their pictures up on the internet and seding their families tons of money?) Really, A, can you really not see a difference?

You see, A, your agenda as a "thinker" is not to seek truth, it is to prove multiculturalism correct. This forces you to deny that Islamic fasist mass murder which is taking place all over the world really isn't different. But it is, A, it is. You need to attack America and justify evil because America is good and successful and the multiculturalist cannot allow our unique culture to be superior because that would destroy the entire concept of all cultures being equal.

So you're forced to tell only half the story. And you're forced to pretend there's no difference between a couple of terrorists and a global terrorist threat. Your need to prove multiculturalism is what makes you incapable of rational thought.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. They give standing ovations to anti-fascist movies. Fascism is the melding of corporations and government. This is what CEO Dubya is bringing to the US. He is as bad at this as he was as the CEO of any of the companies he ran. Unfortunately Poppy and his cronies can't bail him out of this one. When the country goes to hell Bush is the main one to blame. Those who support his destruction of the Constitution share in the blame.

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