Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Democrats laughable lunatic

Did I really just hear Chucky Schumer insisting that a deadline -- an exit strategy if you will -- on the Roberts nomination was wrong? So they want one for war against a vicious enemy but can't make one for the constitutional process of consenting on a judge?

These folks think your stupid.


Anonymous said...

When calling someone stupid, it's probably best to check your spelling and grammar.

Here's a little hint for you:

"These folks think your stupid."

I assume you meant 'you are stupid'. The appropriate contraction of which would be: 'you're'.

Unless of course, you did mean 'your'; in which case: "These folks think your stupid" would be a sentence fragment.

If you need help with that, I'm sure Google can point you in the right direction.

Good luck on that remedial English, and keep that uninformed screed coming!

Evan Sayet said...

wow, how terrific. A typo and you're off and running. Do you question my point? Of course not. Do you offer your own? Of course not. Do you present fact or evidence? Of course not.

Silly Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Apples and Oranges.

It makes sense to me to have two different opinions about two different subjects. I think we do need a deadline for "a war against a vicious enemy." Why are you comparing that deadline to a Supreme Court justice confirmation deadline? Those two deadlines are incomparable? Are you trying to show that Schumer is inconsistent? It seems like a strained attempt to attack him as "stupid." And, wait, who are "these folks?" Are "these folks" actually you, in the "royal we" kind of way, or do you mean something else? (I have a guess, but I don't want to be presumptive; I'd rather let you explain.)

Evan Sayet said...

It absolutely makes sense to have two different opinions on two different issues. But the opinions should be that in the unpredicatble fight against vicious enemies willing to employ whatever tactics are needed the policy should be not providing the enemy with a target date for them to simply hold on until that date and they will be handed a victory and the peaceful constitutional process of consenting on a good and decent man should be able to be done in reasonable time.

It's the fact that the Orwellian Democrats have it backwards yet again that is of import.

LogicalOne said...

Are you saying we should have a deadline -- an exit strategy for Iraq and a deadline for the Robert's nomination?

LogicalOne said...

Sorry, I started writing a response before I saw your last post.

I also thought you were criticizing Schumer for being inconsistent.
So you believe we should not have a deadline for Iraq, but we should for Roberts.

Does that mean we should also not have an exit strategy for Iraq? I was confused by your original post which seemed to equate a deadline with an exit stategy.

Don't you think that an exit strategy is a reasonable request? Would you agree that asking for a deadline might have some merit? If some of the insurgents are fighting because they believe we intend to stay in Iraq for a long time, isn't is possible that a deadline might reduce some of the insurgent anger?

What about a combination of dates and milestones? If a,b and c are completed by some date, we will reduce our troop levels to n. If x, y and z happen by another date, we reduce even further. Not only would the Iraqies be able to see that there is an end to this war, but so would we.

Senator_MJM said...

Why do people insist there is no exit strategy for Iraq? The President laid out a clear and concise stategy to the Nation on several occations, and it's currently being implemented. Trained and capable Iraqis are increasing in number as Coalition troops are being sent home. A time-table of any kind would be detrimental to the whole effort. What is so difficult to understand?

Senator_MJM said...

For the points of this topic, there is a limited amount of history and pertinent information available for the confirmation of Justices for the Supreme Court. A time-table here is appropriate, especially since the Democrats have redefined 'advice and consent' to be 'demonstrable character assassination'. The Dems also use their media allies to constantly repeat and distort irrelevant information for so long, that the relevant qualifications of the nominee are forgotten. Evan is exactly correct in stating that Democrat politicians believe the American people to be stupid or ignorant. Especially as to the US Constitution's definition of the role of the Judiciary in our government, and what qualifications would be necessary to fulfill such a role on the highest court.

Evan Sayet said...

The "exit strategy" I care about is a simple one: victory. I didn't support this war because I thought it could be done on the cheap or because it was morally right if it only lasted a year but immoral if it went for a year and a day.

We are in Iraq for a very good reason -- the creation of a stable democracy in the Arab/Moslem world will have profound and necessary consequences for our own security and the future of the world.

Despite the fact that the Democrats (and their cohorts in the Old Media) harp only the the Weapons of Mass Destruction (which every intelligence agency on the planet agreed Saddam possessed) the reality is that the President laid out the cause for war and the Senate approved it with TWENTY-TWO justifications.

One of the President's promises was that in removing the most destablizing force in the world's most volitile region -- a region that is both the very hub of Arab/Islamic terror and at the crossroads of three continents -- freedom, democracy and opportunities for peace would abound in the Middle East. Exactly this has happened.

If it requires our being in Iraq permanantly (after all, we're still in Korea, Japan, Germany, etc. forty and sixty years after the ends of those wars) then so be it.

This "exit strategy" is a canard being exploited by the same Democrats who call our soldiers "Nazis", claim that we are being defeated by Saddam's armies when a dust storm pops up and champion spin panties on terrorists heads into a holocaust.

LogicalOne said...

You are correct, President Bush has given a concise exit strategy. Very concise. It is so consise that we could still be in Iraq working on his exit strategy in 10 years. You may not care if we are in Iraq 10 years from now, but most of the world does. I fear that part of the reason we can't get any deadlines is because President Bush does plan for us to be in Iraq indefinitely.

It would help to have some bench marks to know how well we are doing. You didn't respond to my question why dates based on benchmarks would be such a bad idea. If the bench marks aren't met, the date wouldn't mean anything. But until then everyone would know what we were working toward. This administration keeps telling us how many tens of thousands Iraqies we've trained, but I haven't heard that many US troops have come home.

As for your statement about the need for a supreme court confirmation deadline. What does Evan normally say? Something about not having any facts. You've given us your opinion of Democrats and their actions, but not facts. It is your right to believe the things you say, but you are not going to change anyone's mind.


I must admit I missed the 22 justifactions for invading Iraq, do you have a link? (and I'm not trying to be sarcastic) I reluctantly supported the invasion. I knew we could defeat the Iraqies, but I was worried about what would happen after we won. I changed my mind when someone in this administration (don't remember who) said Iraq could have a nuclear weapon ready in 6 months. If you remember, we were told we were up against a deadline for starting because of the summer heat so we couldn't wait another year. I then agreed we needed to invade. Now we know that this administration was fudging the facts (the British call it fixing). We were given a very gloomy picture of the consequences of not invading and a very rosy picture of what would happen after we won. And while WMD was the primary justification, now that that has been proven wrong, the other reasons have suddenly gained more importance. I agree that now that we are there we need to see it through to the end, but I have a feeling that the definition of "end" may change before we leave Iraq.

You said our exit strategy is victory. Would you please define victory? We now hear that the current draft of the new Iraqi constitution says something about no laws that are at odds with the Qouran will be allowed. Like rights for women? I was hoping for better, but I suspect our definition of democracy will change when needed. I worry about the impact on our troops if we leave an Iraq that is not the democracy they think they are dieing for. Also, Iraq is now getting closer to Iran. A country that poses a greater threat than Iraq did. I really hope that things work out well for us and Iraq. But your blind optimism and faith in Bush doesn't give me any confidence.

Senator_MJM said...

illogicalone: Facts?
Bork, Estrada, Owens, Jones, Brown

LogicalOne said...

Gosh, I can't argue with that. You got me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are. And, I'm not sure I want too. One thing I,am, sure of, is that it's people like you with a one track mind, that have gotten us in the trouble we are in today.

For you to suggest or this administration to suggest that we have a responsibility to force our way of life on anyone who disagrees with us.

Is almost like suggesting, that because my neighbor is a Baptist and lives, and thinks differently then I think as a Catholic. Therefore, I must live like them, and think like them is ludicrist thinking. In fact it's outright frightening.

What's worse then all of this, is that, there are clearly those out there, that do expect that of us. "we the people" who are willing to open our minds and thought process, are dealing with a next door neighbor who is clearly, demonic and simple minded. Along with 40 million others who too are clearly demonic and simple minded as well.

A neighbor who is unwilling to listen to any kind of reasoning, can make life miserable for those who are surrounded by this neighbor.

And, every neighborhood in this country has at least one neighbor who starts trouble with everyone.

Does that ring any bell here? Does it sound the least bit familiar to you? Does it not have the least similarity to the bully neighbor, verses the bully country?

When has a President been so hated around the world, where people are standing in their streets protesting his visit?

When has a first lady ever, ever, been mistreated or booed at, and had things thrown at her? When?

Do you not see something wrong with that picture? Can the whole world be wrong in their analysis, that this person who is running our country, "our country" right into the ground, is a threat to their's as well?

Use that God given gift, we've all been blessed with, which is our peripheral vision. Had God wanted us to have tunnel vision, he'd have created us with it. He didn't!

That neighbor I referred to earlier, whom does exist right here in this pretty southern neighborhood, is seen by her surrounding neighbors as "white trash".

I would assume from all that has happened in the past 5 yrs, by this administration, single handedly, that, that, is how the world sees us Americans, as some kind of trash.

Just as our neighbor here, now lives a very lonely life alienated by all of us, this is how we will be living as a country, if people like you condone behavior like that, by this President.

A little common sense goes a long way. That's another thing the good Lord created in all of us. Which doesn't require a degree to get. Use it my friend. Don't think you have all the answers, you don't. And neither do I. And neither does this President.

All fo us tried diplomacy with her and her family. It didn't work. Alienating her did work. Another word for that would be perpetual sanctions if need be.

Eventually, the people of that country would get sick enough of perpetual sanctions and demand change. Then and only then should they need assistance and request help, would or should anyone step in to help.

As we would in this neighborhood over here. Should, (I'll refer to her as Miss T.) get tired from the alienation of her neighbors. We would certainly consider bringing her back into the circle, with guarded over seeing.

Bullies, gossip mongerers, and trouble makers, are not accepted. Not when your just trying to live a normal life.

Evan Sayet said...

Once again, those who are able think clearly, note the near insanity of the leftists' response.

Has ANYONE said ANYTHING about FORCING our lifestyle onto others? Much less EVERYONE who but "disagrees" with us? ANYONE?

But this is the kind of insanity that is required to be a Democrat today. One cannot thoughtfully, factually, respectfully lay down the evidence because an honest debate sees the leftists lose everytime.

George Bush cannot be a "good and decent man who wants the best for America and the world but he's wrong on policies..." because that would beg two questinos the leftist can't answer: one, what is he wrong about and two, what would the Democrat do differently and better?

So, instead Bush must be HITLER because then, no matter how good his policies, you can't vote for him. Don't even need to thoughtfully consider his policies. I wouldn't care if Hitler had a better social security program or if his highway bill was superior, the guy is HITLER!!!

Of course the lefty just assumes we have "problems" now but doesn't exactly say what those "problems" are. I'm wondering does he mean that inflation is low and home ownership is at an all-time high? Perhaps he means that interest rates are affordable for all while the stock market hovers near its highest point ever (and last time it was only a tech bubble).

Maybe he means that, unlike during the eight years of the previous administration when our embassies were being destroy two at a time our office buildings attacked, our warships nearly sunk, that there hasn't been a successful Islamic terrorist attack on America OR AN AMERICAN INTEREST outside of the Middle East since the day we started fighting back instead of appeasing the Islamists?

Maybe he means that taxes are lower AND GOVERNMENT REVENUE is skyrocketing? Or, perhaps it's that seniors have prescription help for the first time ever. Or maybe it's that Syria pulled out of Lebanon and Libya gave up their WMD or that the mass murder of innocent infidels in Israel has dropped by over ninety percent?

And, of course, the Democrat is SOOOOOO openminded that the islamic mass murderers are not to be judged as bad but his next door neighbor is DEMONIC.

Folks, Modern Liberalism is a sick and dangerous mentality. It rejects all critical and rational thought in favor of attacking always that which is good (Americans, for example, with our freedoms and our opporutnities and our acceptance of immigrants who become Americans, etc) and siding with evil (keeping Saddam in power, Islamic fascist terrorist who we are too closed minded to appreciate for their unique culture of murdering all infidels).

Democrats, wake up, THIS is the mentality that has taken over your party and IT is the real threat not the caricature of the Republican created by forged document users in the press and people who drive off of bridges drunk leaving their girlfriends to die horribly.

To support the Democrats' positions today (not the ideoloized ones or ones from fifty years ago but TODAY) is to believe what this moron believes -- that being "openminded" means understanding and appreciating those who massacre infidels all over the world and that trying to stop them is an act of cultural genocide.

jb_ken said...

Liberals are basically no longer citizens of this nation. They prefer to think of themselves as "citizens of the world" where no one country is better than another. Where the Sudan is no worse a place than Ohio. They live in a place where the US is just another country and should learn to listen to the likes of France and Germany; because the euros are so worldly and academically superior to that dumbass from Texas.

They don't realize that they have LOST and normal Americans see their views as stupid and dangerous to this country. We can never let the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi, Durbin or Clinton be in charge ever again. If we do; we will quite frankly be putting our lives into their hands. I for one - will do everything possible to see that that never happens.

MiamiMiami said...

I find it most interesting that most liberals are so concerned with how well liked our president is or isn't. Since when does that matter when it comes to fighting a war? Clinton was well liked, supposedly, all over the world but terrorists had free reign to destroy at will without consequence. It was this "world community" at the UN that refused to enforce the multiple resolutions that they passed. It was these folks that "hate" Bush that turned a blind eye to what was happening in Iraq becuase they were looking out to save their bottom line with concern to their oil-for-food scandal. It was this world community that so hates Bush that was so quick to run to the US every time a tyrrant threatens them and we inevitably do so.

The fact that Bush is not so well liked around the world sounds like a plus to me. Liberals are so concerned with how they appear to others and they often times forget that they are targets of terrorism as much as anyone else. I don't think a terrorist will pass them over simply because they (the liberal) understands their plight or feels that they are the victims of "torture."

Lierbal wake up, man. The terrorist wants to kill you too. You aren't winning any points here.

Evan Sayet said...

being "well liked" is important to democrats because they have no values themselves. Therefore what is good and right is defined simply by being liked.

This why John Kery insists that we need to "pass a global test" before he would defend america. It's why the leftist wants Americans to give up power to the United Nations.

MiamiMiami said...

It is primarily, in my opinion, because the left in this country don't see the US as the greatest country in the world. It's almost as if they feel guilty for being American. They live and feel (notice I didn't use the work "think") their lives with the left-wing American guilt as if somehow we have to be ashamed of who we are and what we have accomplished as a country.

During the Clinton years all that happened was that we were being forced to become "equal" and on a "fair playing field" with the rest of the world in order for them to "like" us more. I think history has shown that the most affective leaders, especially during wartime, weren't well-liked and didn't feel the need to be well "liked" for them to succeed.

Anonymous said...

This time I will identify myself. My name is Pat. I'm 52yrs old. And, I have a lovely family. I,am, a Christian woman.

I was born and raised in New York. That's right New York, where we were attacked.

I now live in the South. I've gotten quite a taste on how differently Southerners think than do Northerners.

They tend to process things at a slower pace. Their simple minded people. Easily manipulated. And, I feel terrible for those people. That they are so easiy manipulated.

There are those who are wiser. Their the ones who won't purchase their home on a dirt road. They believe they deserve better.

When you use the terminology moron. You should be careful as to how you use it. 59% of Americans would agree that 41% of Bush supporters are morons, themselves.

Since your President's approval ratings are now at an all time low of 41%. I would therefore suggest you have some difficulty along with those who followed right after your comment back to me, in recognizing, 41 is less than 59.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Nor should I be surprised, that we haven't been attacked since 2001.

Why would we? Mr. Bush did the terrorists a favor. He sent 145,000 Americans right to their doorstep.

Even one American death is a victory to them. Instead, they get the luxury of knocking off, 7, 10, 16, 17, at a time.

Bush said "bring it on", they said; no problem send them over.

And, that he did. So, now you tell me. Why, would they even have to go out of their way to risk getting caught by coming over here? When we saved them the trip. And, sent on a golden platter 145,000 Americans.

To the terrorists that's as good as the San Gennaro feast we have every year in New York. You just can't beat it!

I don't suppose either one of you , shall I say morons, as you so eloquently put it. See the irony of all of this.

Shall we start counting how many terrorist attacks under Clinton's Presidency had occurred. Verses under this administration, in only 2 years, since we went over there to Iraq.

I don't think any of you want too. And, while we're talking about Clinton. Let's not forget how your party downplayed those attacks. And, gave him very little support if any at all.

And, as for that blown up exagerration of how good things are under this administration on the financial end of things.

We have bigger gov't. The rich got richer. The poor got poorer. The deficit by the time Bush leaves will be at an all time high of 7.9 trillion dollars. And, he blew the surplus that was waiting for him the moment he took office. Not to forget. The budget was balanced, as well.

Isn't he the same guy who ran on the ticket of smaller gov't. And, no nation building. Not our job. OOPS, isn't that called "flip flopping"?

I would suggest all 3 of you so called commentators, get a grip on reality.

This man who was selected into office the first time and stole the office the 2nd time. That's right like or not. That's what happened. He has done nothing for you, your families, or your friends. Not a bit of good has come your way.

You have benefited nothing from his Presidency. Other than a lack of good judgement. Which none of us can afford to be lacking in these times. And, the biggest I owe you, which your children and grandchildren will be saddled with.

I have never been prouder to be a Democrat today than I ever was before. I don't live in poverty. My husband worked real, real, hard for his family. My dream has been fulfilled.

But, there are millions of others who are struggling to have their dream come true. And, I care about those millions, outside of myself.

I care if they have eggs in their refrigerators. And, a loaf of bread in their pantry. And, a heck of a lot more that they are lacking in their lives.

I understand poverty. A Democrat is willing to go beyond themselves for others. Everybody needs a helping hand at some point and time. Isn't that why CAFTA was passed? Not that I agree with it. Because, I shutter to think who will benefit most. The rich and powerful. Or the slave driven laborers.

Only time will tell. I refuse to place all Republicans in that mindset of. I don't care about anyone else but myself. Because, I know some and am very good friends with them.

And, they don't agree with what's going on in Washington. In fact they are just as embarrassed and ashamed in Mr. Bush, as I was in Mr Clinton, when he stooped to the level he did, and lied about. "Sex".

Although, nothing can compare as to when you lie about a war. And, nothing could compare to the leader of our country sitting in a classroom, frozen stiff, not knowing what to do. Didn't even consider getting those little darlings out of harms way, when told. Our country is under attack.

You think about that. It plaques the mind of those who have the sense for reasoning and understanding. It's a complex thought, for those who are unwilling to stimulate their brain cells. But, try if you can.

There's nothing wrong with doing good deeds in your life for others. Isn't that what Jesus was all about? It's a rewarding feeling, when you do. Give that a try too. Hatred is the core to all evil. Ignorance is no exception to the rule. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Iken I couldn't have said it better than you, when referring to that "dumb ass from Texas".

What gives with that cowboy mentality?

Do you think he may think he's still playing Cowboys and Indians in his backyard or should I say his ranch?

It's probably the only time he played war. Without real bullets and bows and arrows of course.

He wouldn't know the real thing if he stepped in turd blossom himself.

Have a good one!

Senator_MJM said...

Well, if ignorance is bliss, there is one very happy person now living in the South. However, I do want to clear up one little thing having to do with ‘lies’. You see, it doesn’t really matter what you ‘lie’ about, as much as actually conscientiously choosing to do so for whatever purpose. Although it seems much ‘cheaper’ to do it immediately after swearing to tell the truth in a court of law or grand jury, but that is neither here nor there. The ‘lie’ or, mantra if you will, that the left continually tries to pin on GWB is only their own lie. Every intelligence agency in the world thought Saddam had WMD. He had them before. He used them before. He failed to account for what he had left after agreeing to do so, and if you really look carefully at things that were found (sarin gas canisters, multiple high explosives, plans and programs to construct WMDs,etc.) to do nothing would be irresponsible. Never mind the fact that there were at least 21 other reasons for the Iraq invasion on the resolution that was practically unanimously approved by both parties in Congress. (Once again those pesky facts getting in the way) I challenge any liberal to pinpoint even 1 lie GWB has told since being elected in 2000, and back it with facts. Yes. He was elected, not selected. Even ridiculous recounts after the correct Supreme Court decision (basically saying you can’t change the ‘rules’ once the ‘game’ has begun) yielded GWB the victory. I believe the thing that gets the left so frustrated is that this President is ‘real’. He means what he says, says what he means, and then goes and actually does it. There are few politicians of any party that actually do that. I may not agree with all of this President’s policies or the way he is going about accomplishing a number of things, but I do know this: He is restoring honesty and integrity to the Office of the President and the USA, despite all the hateful and lie ridden rhetoric the modern Democrat party has been spewing. Please enjoy your bliss, and may God bless America.

Anonymous said...

I'll respect you and refer to you as Senator, in my response back to you. But, I must say, I find it hard to believe that you could be a Senator, and be that ignorant, at the same time.

Although, I must admit. There are some who are ignorant. And, it wouldn't hurt to clean out, both of those dirty filthy houses out there in Washington.

There are very few in both houses, that have the integrity, I believe a politician should have when they enter either one of those houses.

They should be as transparent as my kitchen windows are, that I just cleaned. But, there not! Although, none of us are perfect. We should be as near to it as possible. When running for office. Or at least be honest and up front to the people you represent.

It's just that simple. Now onto responding to your ridiculous response here.

To me as a person who demands from myself to take the time to read and research. And to pay very close attention as to what I, am, being told by a group of people, is the real deal, and not just some sound bite.

In other words, as close to the truth as possible. There is nothing more insulting to me, than those who assume, that the sound bite they heard from the mass media networks, carries the weight of the day.

As if to suggest to those of you who seem to function that way. There is no beginning, nor an end, to this sound bite you just heard. So, what you see is what you get, period. Take us at our word. The corporate America run media.

That's why I doubt your a real Senator. As much as I'd like to see all of them go home and retire. One thing they are not is completely and totally oblivious to those facts, yes, my dear Senator. Those stubborn facts, that just won't go away, about how this war got started, in the first place, and why. Our senators and congressmen, know exactly how a snake crawls.

For starters, try reading "The project for the New American Century". Then go to black box voting. Then when your done with that, go to, and then go to their archives and pull up Colin Powells presentation at the U.N.

A man with the honor and integrity that he once held. Made a complete fool of himself, to all those people there. And, those who watched it live while it was going down.

And, I, as, a woman, who has absolutely no experience in National Security what so ever, said then, we are being hoodwinked.

And, I might add it was pretty lonely out there for a while with my friends and family, who believed what they were being told, was in fact true to it's words. And, I said then, wait, just wait. So help me, all of you are going to be shocked and in total disbelief, that we were being sold a bill of sales under false pretenses.

Those pesky stains on your clothes, that you soak day in and day out, eventually come out in the final wash load.

And, that is what's happening today. The truth about this war, slowly but surely is coming out. The polls, those stubborn polls, are proving to those of us, who knew then, what was going on, to those who were completely oblivious back then. The real truth. And, now finally the wheels of justice are turning.

I don't have to prove anything. Don't believe what I say, here. The facts speak for themselves. The circumstancial evidence, is overwhelming. In black and white. And, it's damnright compelling! Read it my partisan friend. If you haven't already.

This administration made a fool out of us, the world, but most importantly, the Congress and the Senate. Who represent the people. And, 41% of ignorant Americans. Through lies and manipulation. Who still believe!

Unfortunately, there are some stains that simply won't budge.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. That's a quote the President tried to say at one of his rallies. And, couldn't! Instead, he began to say, Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice. And, then retreated from it, saying you know what I mean. I sure did know what he meant

Someone should have helped him with it. There is nothing more painful then the truth, especially when it slaps you right in the face.

And, I know as a child of the 50's, raised by very strict parents. If you try to make a fool out of them, by lying, or trying to skirt the truth. The consequences were severe.

That's how I raised my children as well. There is nothing more insulting then when someone makes a fool out of you. And, attempts to insult the average intelligence most of us have.

The average Joe out there, are not genius's. And, that is what politicians do to people like us. Take advantage of it. So, you have to be one step ahead of them. Read all you can, research all you can. Know the facts as best you can. It is one of the most important tests your gonna take and want to pass.

Just because your affiliated with a particular party. Does not mean they are the right person for this country. You have to weigh it all. I do not vote strictly party lines, for that very reason.

And, I never will! Have a nice day.

Evan Sayet said...


The reason the left hates George Bush is simple: he believes in God and he loves America.

These are people who believe in nothing (read "The Closing of the American Mind) and who are convinced that the only evil in the world is beliefs (as they lead to fight and fighting leads to war and war leads to poverty, crime and injustice.)

They have a utopian vision of the world where if nobody believed in anything we'd have nothing to fight about and thus there'd be no more war.

There's a piece on my blog -- I think it's called "The Liberal Litmus Test" -- in which I chart out for my readers three issues and where a President stands on those three issues -- love of country, love of God and love of (and commitment to) an attractive heterosexual -- is how the left feels about them. NOTHING else matters.

George Bush isn't so far to the right but he fails all three leftist litmus tests. He loves God, he loves America (and will defend it with troops if necesary) and he's married to an attractive heterosexual.

Clinton, on the other hand, wasn't that far to the left (he was just a panderer). But Clinton didn't love God -- in fact swore oaths to him in courts of law and then lied -- he wouldn't defend this country from terror attacks and his relationship with his "wife" is such that either he has a rather "progressive" open marriage or the rumors about Hillary are true.

Reagan failed all three tests so they HATED him. Carter passed one of the tests brilliantly (failing to protect America from teh spread of Communism, allowing the Shah to be overthrown and the world's fist Islamic fascist terrorist state to be born in Iran and, of course, did nothing to try and rescue our citizens held hostage for 444 days). So, because he failed two of the three (believed in God and was married to an attractive heterosexual) he's not much loved by the party and only trotted out from time to time when he can vomit out more hatred for America.

George Bush the 1st did so-so on all three tests. We don't really know the degree of his faith, he's married to a woman but the fact that she won't doll herself up for him is a big plus to the lefties and makes their sexual relations questionable and, yes, he did liberate Kuwait from the fascists but the fact that he left Saddam in power to become, as Bill Clinton said, "a threat to America" made everything work out fine for the left.

Senator_MJM said...

To help our new Southerner, I am not a Senator; however, the respect thing should be followed by all no matter who is speaking to whom. I must give you credit for being more respectful in your comments than quite a few of the current members of Congress (and that is from both parties). I do agree that both houses need to be 'cleaned'. I am a registered Independent. I do not get many facts from news media. I get them from the filed reports that have been made public. The David Kay reports to Congress about the search results in Iraq for weapons and weapons programs (there were at least 2 separate reports), The 9/11 Commission report, U.N. resolutions and others. Have you read any of these? Or do you just take the media's summary of their content for granted? I don't have the links handy, but can probably dig them up. They are quite revealing. What is even more revealing is how the media only reports excerpts that support their liberal point of few, and simply omit and ignore those pesky little facts that challenge their agenda. I find it interesting that you appear to be accusing me of that selective fact gathering. What exactly in Powell’s presentation to the U.N. was not true? Also, don’t you think it ‘unwise’ to give a brutal dictator the ‘benefit of the doubt’ when he clearly had violated and/or ignored EVERY U.N. resolution constructed for him and Iraq? Do you know any Iraqis or Iraqi families and listened to their views of what has been accomplished in Iraq? Or just the ones that the media want you to hear? I don’t question your motives, but I don’t believe your opinions are based on many hard facts. Something needed to be done to squelch the generations of miss-information and unfounded Western hatred breeding for centuries in the Middle East. The spread of Freedom is the way to do it. And from the facts gathered to this day, it is working.

Anonymous said...

Miami Miami

I thought I made myself clear.

I don't get my news from the conservative media which is all over the place nowadays. In fact I think the way the media is behaving and has been behaving for the last 5 yrs is a shameful disgrace. For all of us.

But, that's the way it goes. I made my mind up long ago. If you want the truth and better facts, research. Unless of course it's coming live to you. And, you can see things with your own eyes.

Even then you better look things up.

As for Colin Powell the pictures he brought to the U.N. were outdated # 1. And, he also brought pictures that were computer drawn. When asked about getting updated pictures, to prove this was going on, the transporting of weapons from one place to another. He couldn't produce them.

When the inspectors who were all over the place back then. Insisting that the weapons charge could not be confirmed and they needed more time. They were denied.

As for the 911 report. Part 1 sounds pretty darn good. But, did you know there was a part 2 to it, that was stalled from coming out after the election? Of course you probably didn't. Because, good old faithful reliable news networks didn't report it.

And, part 2 is not so nice to this administration.

As for giving a dictator the benefit of the doubt, a no go. You seem to be pretty good at giving the president the benefit of the doubt. Even after the evidence has proiven that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Even after he flip flopped on that one. What was his next choice? Well, the regime had to go and democracy needed to take place in that region.

Try reading Hans Blixes report. The last U.N. inspector to be in Iraq. David Kay came before him. The last inspectors on the ground were the most reliable sources.

But, those of you who will support that mad man who's leading this country now will never read that report.

At this point it's useless trying to convince those of you who support Bush that he is a liar, a fabricator, a manipulator, or whatever other word you want to give him.

I think all of you should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting that man. We are trying to raise children. The last thing we need is to have the leader of our country lying to it's people. Including, Clinton. I'm no friend of his either.

There are basic fundamental principles we all need to follow. Regardless of which side of the fence we are on. The facts are the facts. And, they are coming up slowly but surely.

We were taken for a ride. And, innocent people have died on that ride. It's wrong! And, it's sinful. And, those who condone and behave in this manner will have their day in court. Jesus's court of law.

That you can take to the bank. And, remember all the money that these sinners are making. When our time is up. We can't take it with us.

So I hope it was all worth it for them. I see things as they are. It's a shame that 41% of you are still lagging behind, the rest of us.

Check out the most recent polls. 56% of Americans do not think Bush is honest. Now, ask yourself why?

If you want to believe he won this election fair and square because the polls say he did. Well, you can't pick and choose polls because it doesn't fit your need.

The man is dishonest! And, the majority of us all agree he is.

And, he's the biggest phoney too. His respect for Jesus, I most certainly do question. Again, he's the one who has to explain to Jesus why he did what he did.

I don't miss a heartbeat about what's going on out there. You know why? Because, I love my country. I love my freedom. I love my children and friends. And, I don't appreciate a little snot from Texas turning our country into what he has.

Divided! And, hated.

And, you shouldn't either. You tell me one good thing that man has done that has helped all the citizens of this country. Just one thing, that all of us were able to benefit from. Nada! Nothing!

What he gave us was death and destruction which can not escape any of us. 1700+ death's and destroyed our reputation to boot. Which I know some of you could care less about. But, we all need each other in this global world we live in. Like or not! And, none of us benefited from those losses. That's for darn tootin.

I shutter to think what the remaining 3 1/2 yrs has in store for us. God's will can make it right in 2006. Since so many of us failed God's will in 2004, by not demanding a full scale investigation into the voting debacle, in Ohio, and Florida of course. We almost deserve what ever we get.

And, there is no question in my mind that what happened in 2004 is a despicable disgrace. And, we let it happen.

I can only continue to pray for our Lord's blessing that he help us out of this one. God knows we need all the help we can get.


Senator_MJM said...

As a starter, 2 things for this country, and one for the world in general:
1) Tax relief for everyone who works and pays taxes. Fact. $100 billion increase in tax revenue last year. The current economy is booming.
2) First President ever to allow any Federal funding for non-destructive stem cell research, favorable to helping cure or treat many diseases. Clinton had the opportunity to help here, but polling data indicated it may be too controversial.
3) Liberated over 40 million people from oppressive regimes, with proof that this was wanted by voter turnouts greater than what occur in our own country.
That is just 3. I actually feel sorry for you having to live through your bitter hatred of perhaps one of the most honest and effective Presidents this country has seen for years. The 'divisiveness' can be isolated to one particularily disingenuous party. Again. Name 1 lie with any facts to back it up. You won't and won't even try, because your mind is made up, and you choose to be miserable, as opposed to seeing and realizing any hope of a safer, free-er more productive world. Free people are capable of magnificent feats, and our great country is definite proof of that.
Polls are only as good as the questions asked, and the people that are asked. I have to agree there are many miss-informed and actually ignorant people in this country. The Democrat party attempts to take advantage of every one of them, and rarely if ever deliver on their 'promises'. Enjoy your misery and ignore the facts and all of the positive things happening in the world today. I continue to enjoy the current state of my freedoms and the positive vision that all in this world will eventually enjoy the same. Have a very interesting day and may God bless America.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for people like you who believes, the answer to all our problems is in tax relief and stem cell research.

This is why you people blow my mind.

It defies logic and any common sense what so ever. House sales have gone through the roof. It takes a person to make at least $70,000 a year to get a mortgage for the average cost of a home today priced at $225,000.

Yet, salaries are stalled.

The healthcare situation here is a complete disaster.

Our education system is so messed up it's hard to believe any child is able to read. I know, that's what I do for a living.

It now takes almost $500 a month to heat a home in certain parts of our country. It used to cost $200+. I know I live in one of them.

You are a foolish man to just point out 2 things and think that's all we should expect from any president.

Than you make noise about liberating and democratizing another country.

What happened to juggling the domestic front with the national front? Clinton did it. Bush just can't seem to get a handle on more than one thing at a time.

It's just a joke. And, I'll leave it at that.

Stop the nonsense. Get with the program. And, stop denying logic.

Keep watching the dumb downed news. All they expect are the dumbest people to watch it.I can't imagine your that dumb.

God Bless you though for at least trying to convince me and those who read this site and disagree with you.

N.Y. N.Y.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I forgot the lie question you posed.

I'll give you more than one.

1) WMD's... Downing street memo, clearly states this administration was going to fix the facts.

2) Saddam will not allow inspectors in the country. That my friend was an outright lie. Coming right out of his mouth himself. They most certainly were permitted in that country. Bush withdrew them.

3) He said by 2042 the entire social security system would be exhausted or bankrupt. He had no proof and still till this day, nothing to back that up.

4)He said that a leading economist concluded that the economy would grow by 3.3 percent, if his tax cut proposal was adopted. No such report exists

That's just 4. There are plenty more.

You shouldn't dare me, those are the facts. That's why his social security idea fell apart at the seams.

N.Y. N.Y.

Senator_MJM said...

Oh the bliss. You asked for one. I gave you three. The Downing street memo? Haven't you heard? An 'objective' journalist, ‘transcribed’ an alleged memo by hand, and then destroyed the original. Even John Kerry (who wanted to use this 'memo' for impeachment charges) backed off because there is nothing there. The others you mentioned are media exaggerations that fuel your miss-guided precepts. More on WMD? Here is more info obtained from investigation of the lies in the Michael Moore film and the number one lie from you and the Democrat base:
1) No weapons of mass destruction have been found.
The average observer expected WMDs to be found in one giant stockpile, which is ridiculous. These weapons are meant to be used on the battlefield. To store them all in one area would be like storing all the guns or tanks in one area.
The truth is, WMDs have been found. Charles Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group, has confirmed the finding of up to a dozen artillery shells with sarin and mustard gas. Additionally, almost all our pre-war intelligence on ballistic missiles has been confirmed. And the infrastructure to make WMDs has been found. Thousands of things not declared to the UN have been found. It is clear that Iraq had WMD programs. Despite what some of the media may say, the question isn’t did Iraq have WMDs, it’s how far along they got.
If readers are interested in the evidence that Iraq had WMDs, click on the following links:
“Believe Iraq or Believe the Evidence?”

“Even More Evidence Against Saddam and Iran”

“Iran, Saddam and Osama: A Continued Report”

You did not debunk one statement I’ve made, and I’ve grown tired of presenting facts to you that you simply ignore. Good luck. Enjoy your misery, and may God bless America.

Evan Sayet said...


The title of my lectures, available for hire by the way, is "Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals 'Think'".

The "think" is in quotation marks because they don't. Modern Liberals have been raised in a "cult of indiscriminateness" in which rational thought is rejected as an act of "bigotry."

They have been brainwashed by years and years in the leftist public schools, the universities and the mass media to believe that whatever conclusion one comes to is so tainted by cultural upbringing as to render it not only useless in the quest for truth but anyone who does employ rational thought is, by defintion, a bigot.

The Modern Liberal starts with their conclusion (whatever succeeds must have cheated, whatever fails must have been cheated) and then works backwards to cherry-pick, spin and invent whatever "facts" and "logic" is required to uphold that preordained conclusion.

America being the greatest and most successful nation in history, it becomes the Modern Liberals biggest target and they will believe ANYTHING that makes America look bad.

The Downing street forgeries? Who cares that they were forged? It says America is evil so therefore they believe it.

It is impossible to change the mind of a true Modern Liberal as what fact, piece of evidence or line of logic can you offer to people whose membership in the cult requires them first and foremost to reject all fact and evidence and to consider the use of logic an act of bigotry?

Senator_MJM said...

Thanks for re-iterating what is clearly obvious; however, I am an eternal optimist and believe some people can change, especially when their eyes begin to open. Facts, unlike lies, usually don't go away. (Yes, I know it may actually take rational thought, but again that optimism just never goes away). I'm glad to see that finally some facts are coming out about the 911 Commission joke and failures. This needs to be exposed, for I firmly believe that if even one more liberal gets any seat in any public office, this Nation and the documents upon which is was founded will become dramatically weaker. The results of which will be eventual misery for all. How's that for an eternal optimist?

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