Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why Democrats Hate America (Part I)

To many it is literally incomprehensible how "educated" people such as Dick Durbin and Howard Dean and Michael Moore and Ward Churchill -- Democrats and leftists all -- can compare terrorists to freedom fighters, insurance salesmen to Adolph Eichman, George Bush to Adolph Hitler and our treatment of terrorists at Guantanamo where the air conditioning we provided might have been a tad too high or the Korans we gave them might have accidentally been handled without gloves to the horrors that were perpetrated upon tens of millions in the most horrific regimes ever to have come to power on this Earth.

Are these people really so morally vapid as to think that the Jews who were tortured, operated on without anesthesia, worked to death or gassed by the millions were provided with Torahs by the Nazis and subjected to nothing more harsh than unpleasant weather conditions?

Is Ward Churchill, a man so respected for his "intellect" at the University of Colorado that he was not only hired and then tenured but then made head of the entire department, really incapable of seeing a difference between someone who commutes from Seacaucus New Jersey to his little office on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center to sell insurance to willing customers and the very architect of mankind's most vulgar and vicious cruelties?

Could Howard Dean, the man the Democrats got together and selected to be the very voice of the Party really believe that America is in a war of "good versus evil" with evil being not Osama Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein or Yasser Arafat but rather fellow Americans whose biggest "crimes" consist of believing that tax cuts should be across the board and that parents should be informed before strangers perform medical operations on their children?

What is wrong with these people? These aren't twelve year old children sniffing glue and working on their daddy's computers these are the greatest powers within the Democratic Party and the Liberal establishment. These are the second most powerful Democrat in America -- Dick Durbin. These are the heads of departments at major universities. These are the people who the entire party Caucasus and selects to be the very voice of the entire Party. And they are so frighteningly mentally disturbed that they quite literally cannot tell the difference between the Holocaust and some unpleasant weather conditions in the Caribbean.

What is wrong with these people?

The answer lies in the very philosophy that makes one a Democrat today. At the core of their "beliefs" is the notion that critical and rational judgment is an act of bigotry. The Democrat has chucked all rational thought, seeing it not only as useless in the quest for truth but those who do employ it as the one and only evil on the planet.

Having chucked rational thought the Democrat has no explanation as to why some things succeed and other things fail. Since they refuse to employ the critical judgment necessary to recognize that some behaviors are superior to others success is, by its existence, evil and failure is -- evidenced by nothing other than that it has failed -- the innocent victim of those who have succeeded.

Since America is unprecedentedly successful the Modern Liberal is convinced -- without regard to fact, evidence or reason -- that America must be unprecedentedly evil. Rather than risk undermining the philosophy to which they have subscribed since their childhood, the Democrat would rather cherry-pick, manipulate and invent whatever "evidence" they employ in order to validate their preordained conclusion that America is the ultimate in evil.

Thus when the leftist finds what can be spun, lied about and exaggerated into "proof" of America's evil -- underwear on terrorists' heads, air conditioning that isn't on full blast, etc -- this becomes all they need to "prove" that America is the equivalent of the Nazis, George Bush is Hitler, etc.

The bottomline is that the Democrats -- who have long been recognized as the "blame America first" party -- are going to condemn America as surely as their allies in the corrupt and immoral United Nations will condemn Israel no matter the real villain (and for the same reasons: Israel is successful) no matter what. That's their preordained conclusion and no fact, evidence or logic is required. Democrats hate America because America is successful. The only way the Democrats will ever love America is if they can make us fail.

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