Saturday, June 18, 2005

In the wake of the most recent Presidential election I have often said that no one disappointed me more than Joe Lieberman.

Ted Kennedy didn't disappoint me. I expected the kinds of insane lies and anti-American hate from him. After all, what WOULDN'T a man who lets his "female companion" drown so that he can swim to shore and sober up before calling the cops say or do to gain and maintain his personal power?

Al Sharpton didn't disappoint. After all, what slimy lie wouldn't a man who helped fake the rape of a young child offer to promote himself and enlarge his bank account?

John Kerry didn't disappoint. After all, who could be surprised that a man who slandered one million of his "band of brothers" in order to gain power and position thirty years ago would continue to do the same in his quest for ultimate power today?

No, there are very few Democrats left who can disappoint me. But Joe Lieberman was one.

I admit that I had fallen for his "Mr. Morality" act. I had fallen for the well-packaged image of a man who, while clearly partisan, ultimately would do what was morally right at the expense of what was politically expedient.

Sadly Joey turned out to be little more than a slower talking Wizard of Oz and once the curtain was pulled back he was revealed to be little more than a carnival huckster selling an image far different than the little man behind the curtain that he is.

For when push came to shove in the recent elections -- with nothing less than peace, freedom and democracy at stake and knowing the immoral and hateful tactics employed by his fellow Democrats -- Lieberman was cowering in the corner too afraid of his own political future to do the right thing. Sure he made some tepid statements about doing the right things but, when push came to shove and it was time to endorse the President Joe looked the other way.

Remember, back in September and October the presidential race was supposedly "too close to call" and its outcome far from assured. A Lieberman endorsement of the President whose policies had kept America safe, whose moral courage saw democracy take root in the Middle East and beyond and whose comportment was statesmanlike and moral as opposed to, well, John Kerry, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy (to name just a few of the "best and the brightest" amongst the Democrats) would have ensured a victory for the President and an even greater mandate to continue the policies that Lieberman knows are morally right. But no such endorsement ever came. Lieberman was simply too much of a coward and too much of a politician, putting his own party credentials ahead of the nation and the world.

Zell Miller did the right thing. It took courage for this man so beloved by the Democrats only a few years ago that he was chosen to give the nominating speech for the Party's last president to speak out on behalf of all that is right. Lieberman, on the other hand, refused to help ensure the safety of our nation, our troops and our world preferring to keep his Democratic Party credentials intact for his reelection bid in leftist Connecticut. So much for "Mr. Morality."

And today, as the Democratic Party leadership (yet again) spews its anti-American (and anti-Semitic) hate and works, yet again, to undermine the spread of freedom and democracy around the world in favor of fascism and terror Lieberman is nowhere to be found. That he can remain silent in the face of Dick Durbin's vomiting on the graves of those murdered in the holocaust, that he accepts without question the hateful rantings of the leader of his party, Howard Dean, that he says nothing as our troops are maligned with the most vicious of slanders says all I ever need to know about Joe Lieberman. I no longer pay much attention to the little man behind the curtain.

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bucky said...

I along with other veterans have no respect for Senators like D. Durban. The Democratic Party as a whole are just out to lunch when it comes to what has to happen to people who want to kill us. My take is that we are not hard enough on those folks. The senator needs to be centured and stripped of his position as minority whip.