Saturday, April 23, 2005

Why Democrats Lie

Sandy Berger is caught cramming top secret war-time documents down the front of his pants. Dan Rather is caught using forged documents in an effort to try and steal an election. John Kerry slanders one million of his "band of brothers" in bogus testimony before Congress and
continues to lie about having been in Cambodia on Christmas eve 1968 sent there by Richard Nixon (who wasn't President yet), hearing the Vietnamese "sing Christmas carols" (the Vietnamese are Buddhists and don't celebrate Christmas) and being fired upon by the Khmer Rouge who didn't become a military force until about half a decade later.

Howard Dean attempts to spread outrageous lies about the President of the United States and the events of 9/11 only admitting after being caught that he never believed the lies he was spreading and only found them to be "interesting." Al Sharpton, of course, made his name by helping to fake the rape of a young child while Ted Kennedy clung to his family name after leaving his "female companion" to die a miserable death while he swam to shore to sober up before calling the police. The leadership of the Democratic Party gave a standing ovation to a movie that they know is nothing more than a lie-filled, hate-filled, anti-American propaganda movie while Ward Churchill's lies not only saw him hired at the University of Colorado but then tenured and ultimately promoted to the head of the department.

These are not the "odd-zealot" but the heart and soul of the Democratic Party -- from its most recent standard bearer to the newly minted head of the DNC to its leading voice in "civil rights" to its top foreign policy advisors to its House and Senate leadership and beyond. Lying is not a small part of being a Democrat -- it IS the Democratic Party.

Those who seek reasonable position -- the Joe Liebermans and the Dick Gephardts for example -- find less support amongst the leftist powers-that-be than did Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat. Al Gore, always the conniving politician, recognize this and reinvented himself for the fourteenth time -- this time as a spitting demagogue spewing the anti-American hate and lies that is today's Democratic Party coin of the realm.

Of course the Democrats call the Republicans "liars" but all liars call the other side liars. It's hard to take seriously charges that Bush is a liar because he agreed with Clinton who wasn't a liar, Chirac who isn't a liar, and literally every other intelligence agency on the planet with regard to Saddam's WMDs.

It is equally difficult to take seriously charges that Republicans are "liars" in a book called "Lying Liars And The Lying Lies They Tell" when that book is written by a man whose greatest political contribution prior was a movie called "Stuart Smalley Saves The World" and the book itself is so filled with lies that the author has to swear in a court of law that he never meant for anyone to think he was telling the truth (thus it was deemed a "satire" and the author saved from the myriad of libel suits).

Remember, in every court case the cop says the rapist is lying and the rapist says the cop is lying. The Nazis said the Jews were lying about the gas chambers and the Jews said the Nazis were lying. Truth is NOT always somewhere in the middle.

So why do Democrats lie? Well, for one thing, they have to. Democrats recognize that the vast majority of the American people reject their basic philosophies of redistribution of wealth, more and more power in the hands of the federal government and more and more power over America by corrupt and anti-American international forces like the French and the United Nations.

Further they recognize that they have to lie because their policies invariably fail when put into practice. The Democrats have had forty years of uninterrupted social experimentation along their lines (as well as the examples of socialist Europe and communist Russia) and cannot point to a single legitimate accomplishment.

After decades of affirmative action, "new math" and their "multicultural" experiments blacks are still disproportionately members of an "underclass," our schools are so bad we have to outsource the simplest jobs just to find people in India who don't speak "ebonics" and America is more divided, not less divided, with the left's agenda of chucking the whole "melting pot" concept in favor of "multiculturalism" and America hatred.

The left also lies because, as I wrote in a previous post, there is nothing they believe in except themselves. These are, in the words of the former feminist leader Tammy Bruce, "malignant narcissists." Being narcissists truth is defined as anything that advances their own cause.

Because of their arrogance and self-importance anyone who disagrees with them must be either stupid or racist. Lying to the former, to get them to do the "right" thing, then, is doing them a favor and lying to the latter is believed a "moral imperative."

Further, because there is nothing the leftist believes in other than self there is nothing he puts ahead of his agenda. In the old days a Walter Cronkite might well have had the same ideological bent as a Dan Rather but Cronkite's respect for his profession kept him from being an out and out liar. In the old days Hollywood's love for movies might have seen the movie-maker give the best picture Oscar to what was really the best picture. Today the award is given without regard to the quality of the film but rather to any picture that advances their leftist agenda (this year it was the pro-euthanasia "Million Dollar Baby".) Once a museum curator placed beauty ahead of ideology and thus filled the halls with exceptional works based on their aesthetic value rather than crosses drenched in urine and elephant dung smeared across the Virgin Mary's private parts.

Democrats lie because, with nothing bigger than themselves to believe in -- not G-d, not country, not democracy, not art, not truth -- truth is defined by whatever it is they say it is. Therefore the leftist believes themselves incapable of lying no matter how many times a Sandy Berger is caught cramming top secret war time documents down the front of his pants, how many forged documents Dan Rather uses, no matter how many children Al Sharpton fakes the rape of, no matter how many hateful slanders come from Ward Churchill and so on. To the Democrat any lie that advances their cause is, by definition, the truth.


Anonymous said...

Please provide a source for the following information that you included in your article:
... in a book called "Lying Liars And The Lying Lies They Tell" when ... book itself is so filled with lies that the author has to swear in a court of law that he never meant for anyone to think he was telling the truth (thus it was deemed a "satire" and the author saved from the myriad of libel suits).


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have written anything better than that piece. It is amazing but sad how the current Democratic party has gone so far to the left that even the common Democrat can't believe it.


Great write up, save it be one flaw. Walter Cronkite so lied about the Vietnam war--and brags about it in his book--that the crushed NV army decided to fight on after they were crushed at TET. He should be tried and executed.

Resa LaRu Kirkland

Anonymous said...

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