Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Leftist Litmus Tests

It seems difficult sometimes to understand exactly why Democrats feel the way they do about our nation's most recent Presidents. For example, although Jimmy Carter is "honored" with an invitation to Democratic Party functions now and again, he clearly does not engender the kind of affection from the leftists that one would expect for the most far-leftist (and, by no coincidence, the most failed) American President ever.

Why isn't the elder George Bush despised to the degree of Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush? Why the adoration for Bill Clinton who, once he "felt our pain," quickly changed course and pursued policies far more to the center than Carter?

Why the unparalleled hatred for George W. Bush whose "right-wing" policies are really quite centrist and include the expansion of the welfare state via new Medicare policies, a drastic increase in federal education funds and an immigration policy that no leftist could object to?

The answers can be found not in the policies of these Presidents but in the application of the three litmus tests that drive the Democrat's feelings about a person.

These litmus tests are:
1) Degree of Religious Conviction
2) Marital Relations
3) Belief that America is Worth Defending

So it is that Jimmy Carter does not earn the unbridled affection of the Democrats because he
passes only one of these three tests. Whatever his actual policies, Carter destroyed his leftist bona fides by speaking often about his religion and appearing to be in a stable, monogamous marriage to an attractive and supportive wife.

Carter's only saving grace (as far as the leftists are concerned) is that he viewed America as not being worthy of defending. Carter's efforts on behalf of Soviet expansion, his part in the creation of the first Islamic fascist state and his unwillingness to save the American citizens held hostage for 444 days (and released immediately upon the inauguartion of Ronald Reagan) scores Carter high marks from those Democrats who agree with Ward Churchill that the Islamic fascists are the good guys and American insurance salesman (et al) deserve to be murdered.

Conclusion: Passing only one of the three tests (but "acing" the third part) Carter does not score particularly well amongst leftists. He is, therefore, only to be trotted out and allowed to speak so long as the speech is in support of some anti-American, anti-defending America position such as opposition to the removal of Saddam Hussein or to justify Islamic terror.

Ronald Reagan not only fails all three of the tests but he does so "miserably." Reagan spoke often of the importance of religion in his life and acted always with respect for G-d and country. He was married to an attractive and supportive woman in one of America's great love stories, and stood strong for America in the face of Communism, Islamic fascism and more. Reagan failed the "global test" that John Kerry referred to when he ignored France and retaliated for Islamic terror attacks on American citizens and earned the Democrats' undying enmity by achieving victory over the left's ideological brethren in the Cold War.

Conclusion: Failing all three of the tests Reagan is utterly despised by the left. His image is to be attacked and sullied at every turn including in laughable made-for-TV movies shown even as the man lay on his deathbed.

George H.W. Bush (GHWB) scores down the middle on all three tests and thus garners little regard one way or the other. Though clearly Christian his anti-Israel tirades leave him in good stead on this measure. His long and apparently happy marriage to the same woman costs him points but her unwillingness to doll herself up for him gains them right back. And although his liberation of Kuwait in defense of American interests is a cause for a "failing grade" GHWB redeemed himself by forfeiting American sovereignty to the United Nations and leaving the mass murdering dictator Saddam Hussein in power to threaten America and American interests long into the future.

Conclusion: GHWB's scores on the litmus tests are unimpressive in any way resulting in his presidency -- and the man himself -- being regarded by leftists as of not much significance.

Bill Clinton, of course, aces all three tests. With his clear disdain for promises made to and before G-d -- be they marriage vows or sworn testimony in court, a marriage so "untraditional" that serious questions arise over Hillary's sexual preferences and a foreign policy that consisted of sending American troops to die for Islam in Bosnia and Kosovo while refusing to protect Americans from repeated attacks by Islamic fascists at home and abroad, Clinton earns the equivalent of a 2,400 on the leftists' SATs.

Conclusion: In the Liberal pantheon of Presidents Clinton finishes at the "head of his class."

George W Bush (GWB), of course, could not possibly score lower on the leftists' litmus tests. GWB not only speaks often and passionately about his religious beliefs but acts in accordance. He is happily married to a beautiful, bright and supportive wife and works always for the protection of America and Americans. Bush recognizes that Saddam is evil and America is good -- something in contradiction to the convictions of those Democrats who give Michael Moore a standing ovation and who root for our defeat in Iraq.

Conclusion: For these reasons Bush is not only the worst president ever -- worthy of nothing short of hatred -- he is, in fact, Hitler.


Anonymous said...

Very original take on a very interesting subject. Sayet Right is Righ On!

Anonymous said...

You definatly "Sayet Right"!!!

Anonymous said...

As you know, Rush Limbaugh mentioned your "Why Democrats Lie" today on his show.

I linked to your site and cannot stop reading your writing. Keep it up! Another wise and intelligent voice for the cause of right.

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