Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ELECTION NOTES (4:02 PM Pacific Time)

One more little tidbit from the "exit polls." Supposedly only six out of ten voters see "the economy" as the top issue. This means that four out of ten see other things -- like values and protecting Americans from terror attacks -- as their top issue. Since these things are more important to Republicans and Republicans aren't being counted (since we don't talk to pollsters) the economy which is probably Obama's strongest issue (though, of course, a Marxist who has promised to bankrupt entire American industries should be winning this one), this is another piece of intelligence that argues for a McCain victory.

Now get out and vote!!!


well, he does have oklahoma said...

Haha...is it best to let this self deluded moron ramble to himself or to shove his stupid nose in reality once in a while?

bury the crudballs said...

9:30 and it's all over already. Ohio and N.Mexico to Obama.
McCain cannot catch him now.

A huge landslide in the making.

Anonymous said...

you are truly delusional, as is all your ilk.

Anonymous said...

Not delusional, we just have way too much faith that humankind isn't as self-destrutively stupid as we thought. Too bad we were wrong.