Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biden Declares Americans Racists

After Barack Obama's famous lecture to his San Francisco money people in which he -- thinking he was off the record and so could speak honestly about his hate for Americans -- described people like Joe the Plumber as stupid, bigoted and bitter, Joseph Robinette Biden returned to the leftist mecca to describe the American people yet again as racists.

Biden explains the failure of the thug candidate, Jeremiah Wright's self-identified protege, the unknown neophyte first term senator with ties to terrorists and mobsters, to take a commanding lead in the election as a "cultural" problem that some have with the idea of the first black president.

Of course, Biden -- and the leftists in San Francisco who are pumping money into the thug's campaign -- is the gentleman who attempted to damn Obama with praise by congratulating him for being a CLEAN black person. But unless the rest of America (and not just the dead and others ACORN plans to get to the polls) votes for Obama, we are all RACISTS!!


John said...

"Of course, Biden -- and the leftists in San Francisco who are pumping money into the thug's campaign..."

No one knows where all the money's coming from (or how much of it is coming from foreigners).

Anonymous said...

Just like Bush, McCain invents his own reality


Creators Syndicate Inc.

John McCain supporters loved it when he turned to That One and said: “Sen. Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago. I’m going to give a new direction to this economy and this country.”

From then on, John McCain spent the night proving himself wrong.

Gotta give McCain credit, though. He could have turned to Barack Obama and said at Hofstra University: “I know George W. Bush. George W. Bush was a friend of mine. And, senator, I’m no George W. Bush.” Good to know he has his wits about him.

A new generation of voters is learning about temperament, leadership and integrity as part of the great civics lesson that is the 2008 presidential race. People are learning about the volatility of markets, the vulnerable dollar, and that our government has to borrow from China to pay the Saudis and so on.

The closer we get to Election Day the more people are learning how much like Dubya that John McCain really is.

That’s not the scary part; the scary part comes if he wins and America is led by another incurious president and ambitious vice president who know right from wrong but would choose wrong every time.

McCain supports Dubya’s agenda, as Obama reminded us during the debate when he said, “If I occasionally have mistaken your policies for George W. Bush’s policies, it is because on the core economic issues that matter to the American people, on tax policy, on energy policy, on spending priorities, you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush.”

McCain is even starting to act and talk like Dubya. The mischievous smirk, the snickering, the whole body language disconnected from reality thing — it’s all there.

Like Dubya, McCain invents his own reality. That’s why he calls Palin “a reformer,” even after a state ethics probe into the Troopergate scandal showed the governor violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. After the report, Palin then showed faulty logic when she claimed it vindicated her.

At Hofstra, McCain claimed to be “disappointed” that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson didn’t make middle-class Americans a priority in the bailout.

Yet McCain, just like Obama, signed the bipartisan compromise.

McCain World is like Bush World, a fantasy. It’s where McCain pretends his fingerprints aren’t all over that bailout — which, by the way, has more pork than an Iowa hog farm, certainly more than Paulson intended. So what did McCain mean at the debate when he said, “We’ll cut out all the pork”?

What Michael Kinsley wrote about George W. Bush in “Slate’s Field Guide to the Candidates 2004” could be said of John McCain in 2008.

“The characteristic Bush II form of dishonesty is to construct an alternate reality on some topic and to regard anyone who objects to it as a sniveling dweeb obsessed with ‘nuance,’ ” Kinsley wrote in 2002.

“If the truth was too precious to waste on politics for Bush I and a challenge to overcome for Clinton, for our current George Bush it is simply boring and uncool. Bush II administration lies are often so laughably obvious that you wonder why they bother. Until you realize: They haven’t bothered. If telling the truth was less bother, they’d try that too.”

Sound familiar? You betcha!

midnite for wingbats said...

Yeah, he said ALL Americans are racist...duh.

Keep working that, you stupid, little'll keep you out of the way.

Yes, yes, I know...they're just trying to deflect from the economy.
I just like feeding them their own vomit.

midnite for xenophobes said...

Yeah, them forners; ya gotta watchem.

They ain even merican ya know.


John said...

Right. They're not.

But you're deflecting. The issue is not whether I am or not xenophobic, but the question of why Obama is withholding their identities.

everclear said...

That's your one else gives a shit.

John said...

Right. Aside from me and fifty million+ other voting Americans, "no one gives a shit."