Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Heritage Foundation Talk Transcript

Many people are asking for a transcript of my talk. That's being handled by the Heritage Foundation. They can be reached at I'll try to get a name for all of you later today.




nanc said...

thank you so much for what i'm now calling "the talk" - i cannot wait to give it to my 71 year old mother!

Dan said...


Your Heritage Foundation speech is marvelous. You should post it as a downloadable audio podcast so it can be moved around.

You ought to be a guest on Dennis Miller's radio show, too. For the full three hours.

Anonymous said...


Amazing! So true. This explains all of the apologists for Soviet Terror and now Islamic terror.

More power to you.

The Gunslinger said...

Thank you for your insight. I have been struggling to understand why Modern Liberals hate this country, and invariably support the dark side.

I think you nailed it.

It's important to understand, because one must "know one's enemy" if he is to fight effectively.

shmu said...

Until I listened to this I could not fathom my my own flesh and blood sister was like a stonewall when it came to my love for FA Hayek, Milton Friedman, Classical Judaism and my loathing of islam and especially sicksties liberals. Having grown up in the seventies after the sicksties I to was a slave to liberalism, knowing only left wing politics coming out of high school. When I entered University I spent my time trying to figure out why I would constantly be shut out and shut down in arguments with my friends on anything having to do with the way I see things. I think this has helped me realize alot more about the way "they" think. Thank you.