Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osama is a Democrat

It is not surprising that, just as with his last tape, Osama Bin Ladin is repeating the Democrat party's talking points on the war against Islamic fascism. Cut and run is not not just Jack Murtha's political stance, it is the terrorists' only hope.

It is not surprising because, frankly, the Democrats and Osama are on the same side. And they are equally desperate.

The terrorists could have no better friend than Jack Murtha and Cindy Sheehan, no better accomplice than the New York Times who tips off the enemy with America's military secrets and no better long-term strategist than Hillary Rodham Clinton who seeks to divide and then conquer America by creating racial hatreds and class warfare in America.

It is not a coincidence that the man who said that he hates the majority of the Americans who make up five out of every six counties in America (Republicans), has called for the imprisonment of Republicans without benefit of trial or even charge, but is "reserving judgment" on Osama Bin Ladin was made the very chairman of the Democrat party.

Nor is it a coincidence that, while the Democrats embrace lunatics who spew anti-American lies about the war, everyone from Cindy Sheehan to the treasonous John Kerry, they have now targeted for defeat Joe Lieberman, the man who just four years ago they swore to us was the second best Democrat in the entire country.

It is not surprising to find a spate of anti-American movies coming out of Hollywood just at a time when we are at war against the most heinous and vicious enemy since the Nazis (and perhaps ever). Just as "the greatest generation" loved America and used their art and skills to promote our efforts in World War II, the folks on the left coast who hate America are using THEIR "art" and "skill" to make lie-filled, anti-American, pro-Islamic terrorist movies like the Jew-hating-Marxist-penned "Munich", and the virulently anti-American offerings of the spoiled brat and naive George Clooney's "Syriana."

At every turn the Democrats have lied about, slandered and sought to undermine and betray America in its war against Islamic fascist mass murderers. No wonder Osama Bin Ladin chose to merely read from one of their scripts.


Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that if bin Laden is using Democratic talking points, it may be because he knows it will have the effect of galvanizing support for Bush's policies that have given him so many superb opportunities to kill Americans and other innocents?

Of course not, because that would require scratching a millimeter or so beneath the surface.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that the above poster doesn't give any examples of the opportunities that Bush's policies have given for UBL to kill Americans (most likely because he can't).

On the other hand - democrat's make a gleefull point of trying to defeat everything the Bush administration does to protect the US from terrorism.

Here's an example (something the above poster fails to provide) from Senate minority leader Harry Reid: "We killed the patriot act".

They put their own personal hatred of Bush above the welfare of the country.