Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ramblings Part III

I often write about the fact that Liberals believe in nothing. I would like to make this point perfectly clear:

1) I do not mean that the Modern Liberals -- the ideology that now dominates the Democrat party -- don't believe in anything. I mean, quite literally, they believe in nothing.

That is, nothing is right or wrong, good or evil, better or worse than anything else.

Since nothing is better than anything else we should celebrate not great accomplishments or outstanding performances -- for no accomplishment is better or worse than any other nor can any performance be judged by any standards -- but rather we must simply celebrate "diversity."

The fact that they believe in nothing is why they so adore the United Nations where democracy and freedom brings no greater power than does tyranny or genocide. When it's the Sudan's turn to be the head of the Human Rights Commission the Democrat sees no reason they shouldn't be. After all, hey, "one man's genocide is another man's mulch."

Since they believe in nothing everyone should be equal in their rewards.

It is why they seek to promote children who can't read or write to the next grade right along side the best and hardest working students while concurrently seeking to elminate such (to them) meaningless things as merit for receiving the merit scholarship.

It's why they believe in any and all policies that bilk the "rich" (even when the "rich" is just the middle class), why they don't care that the reason for the Palestinians' suffering has nothing to do with the good, great and successful nation of Israel but rather is caused by the theft of monies by their beloved Yasser Arafat and the filthy blood libels that are the daily stuff of the Arab world's media.

Because they believe in nothing "war is not the answer." After all, while you and I believe that freedom is worth fighting for, the only thing the Democrat believes is worth fighting for is nothing.

There once was a time when artists cared about beauty. Today, believing in nothing, the museums are filled with vile and ugly filth like the "Piss Christ" as the agenda of the "artist" is merely to destroy others' belief in some things.

There once was a time when even leftist reporters believed in "journalistic integrity." Today, if it takes forging a few documents to undermine a President who believes in things (like God and America) then that is what they'll do.

There once was a time where Hollywood actually cared about making good movies. Today, believing in nothing, their movies are made based solely on how much it can push the leftist agenda of believing in nothing. To win the "Best Picture" award all one has to do is make a movie that is pro-death (death, to the Liberal, being the ultimate in nothing), pro-abortion (pro-death even before life has begun) or pro-terrorists (death to lots of others).

The leftist will claim to believe in "clean air" (as if anyone is AGAINST clean air) but, when push comes to shove it's really all about having a tool to attack capitalism since capitalism is about the creation of things. Capitalism has given the world great things (the lightbulb, the internet, the personal computer, the TV, the radio -- in fact virtually everything) and, of course, "everything" is the exact opposite of "nothing."

Believing in nothing is what is at the source of the Democrats' troubles today. It is why nobody can name a single position that the Democrats hold on any issue. Oh, they're AGAINST the war and they're AGAINST tax cuts and they're AGAINST this and they're AGAINST that. But what are the Democrats FOR? NOTHING!!!

It's why they could care less that Air America got its start by stealing nearly a million dollars from needy children. Not even needy children mean anything to the Democrats. It's why they don't care that Sandy Berger stole top secret 9/11 documents. It's why they think there's something "the matter" with Kansas, because the people in Kansas keep voting for America even though the Democrats promise to steal other people's money and give it to them. Believing in nothing the Democrats think only of themselves. They don't understand people who believe in things like God and America. It scares them. It terrifies them. Bad things happen when people believe in things. Didn't Hitler believe in the Master Race?

Because the Democrats believe in NOTHING their enemy is belief in anything. And their goal is to use whatever means is necessary (including stealing money from children, aiding and abetting the terrorists, etc.) to undermine your belief in something -- specifically those things that have so obviously been proved to be a better way of life: belief in the Judeo-Christian God and belief in the freedoms and opportunities and greatness of America.


Senator_MJM said...

Evan, I love your blog and 'ramblings' (all true). I would love to see one of your comedy routines, but don't get to the left coast more than once or twice a year, and usually stay with friends in the San Fran area. I just hope you are not as angry as a lot of your ramblings portray. Anger is not an 'effective' tool but is an effective motivator. I am more frustrated than angry that the MSM has chosen to side with rumors and lunacy, rather than cold hard facts, but that is changing thanks to blogs such as yours and other internet 'news' (real news) sites. The truth is getting out and truth truly is power. That is why laughter is such a great outlet for a conservative's philosophy. I went to a few local malls today (12/31) and was constantly giggling at the masses of people out shopping in a multitude of stores, most of which carrying multiple bags from various stores, and thinking 'Wow. This economy sure does suck! Those Dems are wrong on everything everytime!' Truth is power and it cannot be hidden for long, the Dems believe they can win by manufacturing stories and attempting to rewrite history. But history is history and cannot be undone. They will continue to lose power, and judging from their current strategy, will lie themselves into obscurity. Thanks for great reading and entertainment through 2005, and look forward to more in 2006. I wish you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

MiamiMiami said...

I think I heard the best comment ever frm one of my many immigrant friends over the years.

"America is the only place where the poor people are fat, have cell phones, and shoes on their feet."

WHT said...

I believe one thing: that this rambling post is crap.

EPorvaznik said...

Any reason why, "wht," or might that require a little more thought and introspection?

MiamiMiami said...

What exactly makes it "crap?" Even if you are wrong we would like to know why.

MiamiMiami said...

Wait on further examination I understand why WHT thinks these ramblings are crap. Aparently from reading his blog it seems that he is one of those "Bush is stealing oil" nitwits.

Sometimes I wonder if these folks are doing this on purpose to see how far they can stretch a lie before it bounces back and slaps them in the ass or if they really do believe half of this.

This is all too easy sometimes....

Evan Sayet said...

Democrats are unused to be challenged. Like a cult, their "ideology" can only exist in isolation.

This is why their "base" exists on college campuses where everyone eats, drinks, sleeps, romances, works and studies within the tiny confines of the campus and in Hollywood where people go from their walled-in mansions to their private limosuines which take them to the closed set of their latest picture.

Because they are never introduced to non-leftist thought they are utterly incapable of thoughtful or rational counterpoint to our arguments. Like the college professor from another of my posts, they can only regurgitate the half-truths, outright lies and insane conspiracy theories that led them to believe there was a spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet in the first place or just vomit out mindless vulgarities as did WHT.

Telling is that no one knows what the Democrat actually stands FOR. What is the Dem's plan to shore-up social security? Defeat the Islamic Fascists? Improve our schools? Etc.

Pete said...

This is golden, Evan.

"Because they believe in nothing "war is not the answer." After all, while you and I believe that freedom is worth fighting for, the only thing the Democrat believes is worth fighting for is nothing."

It defenitely gives Bosnia legitimacy. What were we fighting for? Nothing! Right on the money!

MiamiMiami said...

Pete and Evan,
You are both wrong. The Democrats are fighting for something they believe in. They are fighting for our defeat. They are actively trying to diminish our capacity to wage war and fight terrorists.

Evan Sayet said...

But, Miam, the reason they are FOR our defeat is because America is good, great and exceptional! These are the opposite of nothing. They want America to be nothing so that is worth fighting for.

MiamiMiami said...

Miamimiami said,

Evan but I think you are missing the guilt factor here. Democrats feel so guilty about being American. To Democrats being an American means that we are the most evil most criminal form of life on the planet. So they feel guilty for being such an animal. So in order to "humble" themselves to the rest of the world they must invest in our defeat. It is only in this way will they be truly equal to the rest of the world. So to do this they must do everything they can to put this country down every chance they get. They must show our enemies that their fight against us is a just and noble cause because they (Democrats)too feel that we are evil.

Why else would they be so heavily invested in our defeat? That's what they truly beleive in. Our defeat will somehow help purge them of this self-imposed guilt of being an American. And to be American first,in the Demcratic Party, is the ultimate in being what is everything that is unholy.

So the Democrats do believe in something after all. They believe that we should lose.

evan sayet said...

But the reason they believe we should lose is because their enemy is American exceptionalism. If America wins then they have a hard time selling the notion that nothing is special. So long as America remains strong, propserous, unprecedentedly generous, etc, those who believe in nothing have a hard time selling the notion that nothing is better than anything else. If they can show that America is nothing special then their idea that NOTHING is special has some legs (in their opinion).

MiamiMiami said...

I guess you may be right on that. Perhaps you and I are facing the same dilemma like the chicken and egg theory. I still maintain that the ONLY thing they believe in is our failure. It is a real thing for them and what they strive for.

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