Sunday, December 25, 2005

Angry Ramblings

If you want to understand the "thinking" of the Modern Liberal, just recall the hatred that they spewed at Mel Gibson for daring to make a movie that accurately reflected the last days of the Prince of Peace and compare it to the awards and accolades being given to Steven Spielberg for his dishonest portrayal in favor of Moslem mass murderers.


Perhaps most galling in the Democrats attempts to slander America and work on behalf of the Islamic terrorists is the degree to which they have to pretend not to know what everyone knows.

Okay, let's give them the "fact" that America is the most evil, horrible place in the history of the world and that the Islamic fascist mass murderers are really lovely, lovely folks just pushed to the edge by our utter evil...

So how does the Democrat explain that the Moslems are murdering children in Russia? Okay, so Russia and America are the TWO most evil places in the history of the how do they explain that Islamic fascists are murdering children in Israel?

Okay, well, EVERYONE knows the Jews are evil, so that one doesn't count. But how do they explain that the lovely, lovely Moslems are massacring Christians in the Sudan? And Buddhists in India?

Is it really possible that everyone in the world is utterly evil EXCEPT the lovely, lovely fascists mass murderers who TELL us that they seek the murder of all infidels so that they can take over the world? How incredibly stupid are the Democrats!


How come it's so hard for leftists like Chris Matthews to "understand" the mind of the Islamic terrorist? After all, they send out VIDEOS telling us why they are murdering infidels around the world. But the leftist is so damned intent on keeping their leftist ideology in tact that not even a videotape of the terrorists saying "this is why we're murdering infidels" will convince them. I swear, the Democrats would walk up to a piece of graffiti that says "Paco Rodriguez was here" and slap their heads and say "WHO could have done this!!!"


Alva Goldbook said...

have you even seen Munich, Evan? Or are you gonna let Faux News give you an "accurate" review of the film so you can just bitch about it?

EPorvaznik said...

Being a firm believer in the Biblically cinematic concept of casting not my first stone without having seen a film, I have, Alva. Suffice to say that any person commenting on "Munich," be they a film critic, political pundit or average Joe Moviegoer that doesn't realize the ridiculous portrayal of Jews as morally equal to Islamic terrorists has their Spielberg-colored glasses on, thinking the guy still makes movies as well-crafted as Raiders, Schindler's List or even Catch Me If You Can.

Please enlighten us as to how you think that Spielberg has NOT used this movie to propagandize the theory that being nice to terrorists is the best way to keep them from attacking "infidels."

MiamiMiami said...

Hahaha. Alva cracked a funny. "Faux" News! HAHAHA. It's amazing that when a news outlet produces anything that ISN'T blatantly liberal or anit-Bush it's fake news. This is the reason why liberalism really is duplicitous. Do as I say not as I do. The liberal will always tell you that he is for equality, fairness, inclusiveness, etc. until someone actually does it then they attack mush the same way "peace" activists do. HAHAHAHA. Alva is a funny little liberal indeed.

You are asking ALVA to explain this? If you understood Alva you will learn one thing. Alva thinks we (Americans) are the terrorists. He truly believes that terrorism didn't exist until we went into Iraq. You see he sees the insurgents as "freedom" fighters. I have had this argument with him before and I have learned that his views on terrorism pretty much match up with the duplicitousness of liberalism. Alva is hoping to score "nice" points with the terrorists in the hopes that if they ever take us over they will look kindly on him. Much the same way that some in Europe did when the NAzi's rolled in. Alva is also a big believer that Jews are evil and they are the root of all international terrorism.

If I may quote one his very telling responses:
Lieberman, is a Zionist Jew, period. He wishes for the Hebrews to control all of the Middle East, period. Furthermore, Lieberman also wants to CENSOR music, videogames, and movies, because...well, he doesn't like it, and feels he should make those decisions FOR YOU

So now you understand how difficult it will be for him to answer that question honestly.

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EPorvaznik said...

Yeah, I know the approximate results of an Alva response, but I somehow can't resist the obfuscations, twistings and otherwise incoherent replies of liberals when they're being called to the mat.

MiamiMiami said...

It's almost like beating up a puppy. It's fun, at first, but then you start to feel bad.

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Evan Sayet said...

It's funny how four years ago the Dems were telling us that Joe Lieberman is the greatest guy in the world. My goodness, he's so great he should be just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Now that Joe dares to speak up on the side of America against the Islamic fascist mass murderers he MUST BE DEFEATED!!!

And eight years ago they were telling us that Zell Miller is such a great guy -- so down to earth and earthy -- that they selected him to give Bill Clinton's nominating speech. Now that Zell dares to go against the far-leftists he's INSANE!!!!

And Tammy Bruce was just such a good, leftist, liberal lesbian that she was made the president of NOW's largest chapter. Now that she recognizes that the leftists are evil she's A STOOGE FOR THE RIGHT!!!

There is no truth to anything the Liberal says. Nothing. If you agree with them you can help fake the rape of children (Al Sharpton) or murder your date (Ted Kennedy) and it's okay. Disagree with them and you're HITLER!!!

MiamiMiami said...

For years I really thought that the liberal left in this country were mostly a bunch of very ill-advised but very well-intentioned people. How wrong I was! I guess it is in part to my then ignornance of the left. I have learned over the years that the left in this country are some of the most double-speaking, double standard type folks in the world. I guess it almost comes down to good old horse-sense. It either makes sense or it doesn't.

Liberals speak so much of being inclusive of every one but ask them to support getting rid of race quotas or Affirmative action and your a racist. They at one point hail how great Lieberman is and then when he, very bravely I will add, publically supports the president he is villified.

I am not so much impressed with his support of our president really. Senator Lieberman actually earned my respect for just sticking to his guns! How refreshing to see a Democrat who can say that he meant to vote the way he did. He didn't try to re-write history. He didn't fall for that cheap political trick at all. He meant it then and he means it now.

I got to tell you Evan, he may actually be a Democrat I could vote for.

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Evan Sayet said...

I have written to Senator Lieberman a number of times as "one Jew to another." I challenged him on his "Mr. Morality" act when he was standing by as his party was viciously bearing false witness against the President, our nation and our troops.

He has finally stepped forward and thoughtfully, reasonably and rationally sided with our country...and the results? He's now under attack from the Democrats.

I have a good many policy differences with Mr. Lieberman. But at least I know he loves this country and wants America to be safe, strong and free.

For that reason I wouldn't be terribly upset if he were someday elected President. The problem is, though, that as a Democrat, his election would also give greater power to the hate-America-always, John Kerry, Howard Dean, George Soros, Michael Moore, Dick Durbin folks in the party and THAT I cannot abide.

Anonymous said...

This post makes no sense. At all. It just spews invective and uses silly right wing generalizations to "prove" more silly right wing generalizations.

In fact, it's kinda sad. To try to pawn this off as any sort of reasoned rant is pathetic.

Oh, but wait, you were never trying to be "reasoned" were you?

But keep on keeping on Evan- when you've got nothing but the Goebbels-like mantra of "anyone who disagrees with me is a traitor" and "anyone who dares question this government must hate America and be on the side of the islamofasists" you are showing how weak you truly are.

But I find you boring, so so long, I won't waste one more minute on this bitch and whine blog.