Friday, November 11, 2005

Democrat Capitol on Fire

Add to the woes of the Democrats that the nation they most belove and to whom they pledge their fidelity, France, is on fire.

This wasn't supposed to happen. According to the Democrats, if only our foreign policy mirrored the appeasement and pro-Arab corruption of the French then America would be "safer"? Remember, the Democrats believe -- and base their foreign policy on the notion that -- terrorists hate us because we're friends with Israel.

If only we were like the French and named our streets after Palestinian terrorists, aided and abetted Hamas and helped keep the likes of Saddam Hussein in power then the Muslims would not try to hurt us.

Ah, but France is in flames and it's Muslims to whom they kowtow that are holding the torches.

And isn't the entire point of Democrat social policy to emulate the "enlightened" French and to raise taxes sky-high on those who work so that cradle-to-grave welfare programs would eliminate poverty and thus the violence that lefties argue is its only cause?

And yet France is on fire.

Meanwhile, as the Muslims burn down Paris there has not been a single successful Islamic terrorist attack against America or an American interest outside the Middle East since the day we ended our Frenchified appeasement policies of the Clinton administration and began fighting back like Americans.

And as the "minorities" riot in France there has not been a race riot in America in generations. This, despite the Democrats' best efforts to try and start one with bogus claims of racism in the response to Hurricane Katrina.

America continues to prosper and grow and to do so in peace and safety even as France is on fire. Just one more argument for voting Republican up and down the line.


EPorvaznik said...

Welcome back, m'man!

jeanne said...

I've been watching the coverage of the riots in France, and their government plans to "deport" those that are rioting in their country. I was wondering, why don't they arrest them?! Instead they want to release these terrorists and give them a send off somewhere else! Maybe a one way ticket to Iraq to join the insurgents! I would not be surprised!

Oh France, this is what appeasement gets you!

I love French Fries!

MiamiMiami said...

Hey deporting them is totally inline with what other socialists have done. Take a look at Cuba! In the 1980's Castro opened up his jails and let them loose in America.

Seriously though appeasement is totally the French way of handling problems, isn't it?

I like Churchill's view on appeasement....
"Appeasement is like feeding an alligator and hoping it doesn't bite you." (Paraphrase)