Friday, June 17, 2005

There have been a number of milestones in the leftists' victory over common sense and their efforts to undermine America. Amongst them was the day they convinced themselves and the children they teach and the adults who watch their television programs and movies that the minimum requirement for truth is perfection.

Leftists love to attack all who disagree with them as "seeing things in 'black and white'" but, of course, in the true Orwellian nature of Modern Liberalism, it is they who see everything in black and white for anything less than perfectly black is not black at all and anything less than perfectly white is not white in the slightest.

It is for this reason that "useful (to evil) idiots" such as Dick Durbin can compare the prison at Guantanamo with Hitler's concentration camps. Hitler wasn't perfectly evil (he liked dogs and Aryan children) and the guys at Gitmo accidentally splashed some water on the Koran therefore they are one and the same. Hitler being not perfectly evil and America not being perfectly good makes them one and the same in the eyes of the Democrat.

I remember Alan Colmes of "Hannity and Colmes" denying that a communist created, communist sponsored, communist funded anti-America event where the communists sent out buses, provided the "guest list" and the communists hand-picked every speaker WASN'T a "communist rally" because, well, "not EVERYONE at the event could be proved to be a communist."

Since no human being -- much less an endeavor of hundreds of millions of human beings such as America -- is perfect the leftists cannot see America as being good. Their agenda, then, becomes to prove to those dolts and idiots who believe America IS good that they are wrong. For this reason the New York Times and their cheap imitators at CNN and the Washington Post made the misdeeds of a handful of night guards at a prison called Abu Gharaib into the next "holocaust" with Democrat Ted Kennedy repeatedly comparing it to the thirty year reign of horrors of Saddam Hussein. How is underwear on terrorists heads like mass graves filled with the tortured and raped villagers of Iraq? Well...nobody's perfect!

The other milestone of leftist victory was when they convinced themselves and millions of others that the definition of "tolerance" is not the begrudging acceptance of behaviors that one finds wrong but rather the celebration of all behaviors no matter how patently evil they may be.

In the twisted, perverted, Orwellian world of the Democrats the "sick" ones aren't the homosexual men marching down Main Street in nurses uniforms, with thongs up their behinds and dildos on their foreheads in the shape of devil's horns but rather the people who, seeing this, respond in any way less than "celebration."

Americans used to celebrate greatness. Parades were for great accomplishments like honoring the men who landed on the moon. But because the Democrat is incapable of understanding greatness they celebrate only "diversity." This celebration of differences -- as if all differences are equally good and equally right and equally worthy of celebration by society -- is a reflection of their mental illness which renders them incapable of making even the most simple of distinctions between good and evil and right and wrong.

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