Monday, June 20, 2005

Durbin, Dodd and Democrats

In an interview on ABC's "This Week" Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd said "I think we're paying too much attention to that particular set of circumstances (Democratic Senator Dick Durbin's slander of America and American troops), and not the underlying question and that is whether or not we ought to maintain Guantanamo as a prison camp in Cuba."

Forget the facts and just believe the "underlying story..." where have we heard this before? Oh, yes, it was the defense CBS news used when they were caught using forged documents and trying to pawn off a mentally disturbed Democratic party partisan with multiple direct contacts to the highest officials in the Kerry campaign as an "unimpeachable source."

This is the method of the Democrat. Spew the most villainous of lies and count on the Old Media to report them unchallenged. If caught (typically by one of the new media outlets such as the blogesphere) the argument becomes "ignore the fact that we've been lying and using forged documents and 'get the underlying story'"...the one, of course, that the Democrats knew they couldn't "prove" without the forged documents and the lies in the first place.

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ThomJeff said...

Now we have an "apology" from Durbin, which has been accepted, wherein he has apologized for hurting people who misunderstood him. He has not retracted any of his statements. On the other hand, while minimalizing Durbin's outrageous comments, the Democrats are simultaneously incensed with Carl Rove's statement, which correctly portrayed the attitude of liberals towards our enemies; that they are to be understood and not fought. I believe that Mr Rove spoke chiefly about radical liberals, such as Michael Moore and Al Franken, but the Democratic party is up in arms over this despite Rove's failure to even mention the "D" word. All I can surmise is tha t the Democrats recognize themselves in this labeling, even if Rove has not specifically identified them. The Bible speaks of how "the guilty run when no one pursues". Even Hillary is "hurt" over this, and the Democrats have demanded a resignation as well as an apology, which the White House has refused. Why all the furor on this? Why are Democrats who were so quiet about Durbin's comments now screaming for blood? I recall one teacher telling me about how public criticism works. He said, "When you throw a stick into a pack of dogs, the one that got hit is the one that yelps the loudest." The Democrats know their agenda, even if they will seldom admit it. I think Carl Rove hit quite a few of them.