Friday, March 18, 2005

Why Dems Flip-Flop

To paraphrase Professor Allan Bloom in his vital work "The Closing of the American Mind," in order to eliminate discrimination the Modern Liberal has opted to become utterly indiscriminate.

The problem, of course, is that the ability to discriminate -- to "thoughtfully choose the better of the available options" as in "she's a discriminating shopper" -- is the very essences of rational thought. In other words, in order to create a world free of bigotry the Modern Liberal has eliminated rational thought and critical judgment from their, um, "thinking."

This is why a recent study conducted by the the Chirac government -- not exactly a neocon establishment -- concluded that the French people "believe in nothing." How can one believe anything to be right, true or good when one has removed critical judgment from their, um, "thinking?"

I suspect it is also why Josef Stalin referred to liberals as "(useful) idiots." In the quite literal sense what makes one an "idiot" is the absence of rational thought.

Being idiots who believe in nothing, however, does give the Democrats (and the French) one big advantage. Unlike their counterparts in the Republican party Modern Liberals are not rooted to truth in any way.

That is, because Republicans believe in things -- facts, God, America, etc --when a Republican considers policy he will ask "is this true," and "is this right" and "is this good for America?"
The Democrat, on the other hand, not believing in objective truth, universal morality or the exceptionalism of the United States asks none of these questions. Instead the only question of import to him is "is this good for ME?"

One easily recognizes this pattern in everything from Bill Clinton leaving foreign heads of state waiting so that he can have a dalliance with a 22-year-old, Ted Kennedy leaving his "female companion" to die a miserable death while he swims to shore to save his Presidential aspirations, John Kerry slandering a million US servicemen in Vietnam to serve his career ambitions, Al Sharpton helping fake the rape of a child for political gain, Howard Dean lying about 9/11, Michael Moore's anti-American propaganda film -- and, of course, the standing ovation it received from the leaders of the Democratic party, seeing in the anti-American lies the chance to keep their cushy Senate and House jobs.


I bring this up today because it occurred to me that this is why the Democrats are known as the party of flip-floppers. With nothing rooting them to the truth -- and with only their own desires to satisfy -- they can say anything at any moment that they've calculated to serve their own narrow self-interests without concerns for the truth, G-d and a country they don't believe in.


It should not have been surprising, then, to see the French Modern Liberals (a redundancy) let 15,000 of their elderly mothers and fathers die miserably in a recent heatwave rather than get up from their lattes and check on them. 15,000 -- that's roughly fifteen times as many seniors dead as American casualties in the war that liberated Iraq -- all because Modern Liberals care about nothing beyond themselves. To the "if it feels good, do it" folks it just didn't feel good to get up from their chairs to check on Mom and Pop or grandma and grandpapa.

(For you PETA people who don't believe in the value of human life the number of chickens allowed to die was over a million).


The issue that brought Democrats' flip-flopping to mind was a discussion I was having with a Modern Liberal friend. I couldn't help but recall that when the attempt was to undermine marriage (not believing that marriage is of import) by making living together acceptable their argument was "we love each other, what do we need a piece of paper for?" Now that the effort is to destroy marriage by redefining it as any two (for now) people (for now) the argument has become that the ONLY thing that matters is that piece of paper.

Forgive my cynicism but I do not for one moment believe that the opposition to drilling at ANWR is based on any "environmental concerns." Instead it is simply more anti-capitalism from socialists, communists and multiculturalists who now dominate the Democratic Party and who wish to undermine American sovereignty and strength by preventing greater self-sufficiency.

These are the same "nature-lovers" who preferred to have the forests in California burn to the ground than allow lumber companies to make more money by thinning the dead trees.


142ndfastest said...

These thoughts are terrific!!!

Matt said...

An awful lot of conservatives have been aligning their arguments with those of Stalin lately. This is confusing to me.